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The trip is only one part of your customers’ journey. Learn how Magnolia helps you engage at every touchpoint.


Make bookings twice as fast

The battle for travel consumers has never been more fierce. Brands that fail to innovate and adapt risk losing market share. Virgin America, the award-winning US airline, reinvents brand content distribution with Magnolia. With an architecture built for distributing content across mobile devices with fewer support resources, it makes booking flights a breeze on any device.

We rely heavily on our site both to generate revenue, as well as to reinforce our brand. Magnolia understood our dual goals for the website and their CMS is an important component of a truly revolutionary airline site that makes it easier for travellers to book and manage travel – and explore our branded content – across devices.

Create memorable experiences


Personalization and multichannel publishing enable you to create brand interactions that matter, in areas often filled with pain points., the top portal for tourism-related information about the Ticino region in Switzerland, revamped its traveller experience with a mobile-first web portal built on Magnolia and integrated with social media apps and interactive kiosk displays.

Gain efficiency at global scale

Customer-centric value creation is made possible through the right data and technology. Avis Budget, a leading global provider of vehicle rental services, relies on Magnolia as its central content hub. Avis’ marketing team gets the level of standardization needed to manage a global brand, but also flexibility to support each market and effectively create new content without IT.

Interested in what Magnolia can do for you?

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Features for memorable experiences

Personalize and convert

Turn travellers into buyers: define segments and personas, adapt content to visitors according to their preferences and behavior, and target with tailored offers.


Test and optimize

Rapidly set up, A/B test and optimize landing pages, microsites and campaigns. You can re-use existing content and manage all campaign elements in one place.


Boost efficiency

Magnolia lets you build complete web pages in an intuitive fashion. Select the components you need, configure them as you wish, and place them where you want.

Integrate rich media

Streamline the creation and collaborative use of rich media and other assets in a centralized location. Access assets from a third-party DAM directly from Magnolia.

Broaden your reach on social

Spread your your stories and promotions all over social networks very quickly. Magnolia allows you to create content once and publish to multiple channels simultaneously with just one click.

Create once, publish everywhere

Whether your content is an image asset, a teaser for a campaign, or a unit of structured content like a travel destination, you only need to maintain it in one place.


Magnolia allows us to offer personalized experiences to our users, and the integration of social network tools gives us the opportunity to merge structured and editorial content. The current website speaks directly to current and prospective tourists, providing the information they need in an appealing new multichannel experience.

Technology that gives you an edge

Establish Content as a Service

Leverage Magnolia in a headless or decoupled approach to content and presentation, amplifying the reusability of content components across channels, and stay open to new channels and experiences.

Leverage flexibility

Magnolia's rich set of customization and integration points and flexibility to use in headless, headed or hybrid scenarios give you the capabilities to deliver optimal experiences across the customer journey.

Broaden your scale

Magnolia is highly scalable, allowing you to grow as your travel offering expands. Maintain stability and broaden your scale and agility with Magnolia Cloud, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.


Magnolia stood out in the evaluation process because it not only provided core content management functionality, but also served as a content platform. It has changed the way content is created and published for Avis Budget EMEA. Editors have a great deal of freedom to create content, and Magnolia's templating systems ensure that the content is displayed in an agreed standard way.

Getting started with personalization


Download your free guide and start personalizing your website: create personas, personalize, track and test. 


Using Magnolia in hybrid headless scenarios

Learn more on how Magnolia empowers both marketing and development teams in a hybrid headless approach.

Creating highly personalized customer experiences

Quickly and easily personalize website content, based on contact data from a marketing automation tool and a CMS.

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