Magnolia Website Developer training

Learn how to start your project in Magnolia and how to use REST and JS framework integrations.


Learn about Light Development and Magnolia's CLI tool to build websites quickly without the need to program in Java.

Work on the file system and use technologies that you already know, such as CSS and HTML5. Define templates and configurations, faster and easier.

This course is for front-end developers who want to learn how to build templates and apps for Magnolia.

This course does not require any prior Magnolia knowledge. However, we highly recommend that participants have used scripting languages, and are familiar with Terminal or Command Prompt and Git.

Distance learning options


Access the course training material and study at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

A token for the Magnolia Front-End Developer Certification exam is included in the package.

Pricing: CHF1,200- (excl. VAT)

Remote session

Attend a scheduled group remote training session individually or with your team.

A token for the Magnolia Front-End Developer Certification exam is included in the package.


19–20 November
17-18 December

Schedule: 2 days
Pricing: CHF 1,900- (excl. VAT)


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Goals and topics

Starting your Project - Day 1 & 2
At the end of day two, attendees will have fully working light modules, a set of templates for a new website project, a single-page website, a website project with dynamic pages and a custom Content App.

Day 1
Author's World, Magnolia for Front-End Developers

Day 2
Content Types and Content Apps, A Single Page Website

✓ Good HTML and CSS knowledge
✓ Administrative privileges in the machine
✓ Text editor (e.g. Virtual Studio Code, Atom)
✓ Internet connection
✓ Microphone access
✓ Camera access

All remote training sessions will be conducted via Zoom. If your company does not support Zoom, please provide an alternative video conferencing platform that will be used for the training session.