Magnolia Author and Content Editor training


If you are a marketing professional, business user, content curator or developer, and you have decided to use Magnolia in your upcoming projects, you may want to see how easy it is to get down to the business of creating meaningful content.

The Author training teaches you how to use Magnolia as an authoring tool to manage content, publish pages and build websites. In this three-hour course, you will learn how to customize pages and build websites using Magnolia's content apps.

This course does not require any prior Magnolia knowledge. Beginners are welcome to attend the training.

Training details

Method and software

Conducted remotely using Zoom.
If your company does not support Zoom, please provide an alternative video conferencing platform that will be used for the training session.

Schedule: 3-5 hours
Pricing: CHF 1,000-/6 persons (excl. VAT)


Remote - trainers are based in:
Switzerland, Spain and USA



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Goals and topics

In this half-day, collaborative, instructor-led remote training, participants are taught how to customize webpages and build a website in Magnolia.

Upon completion of the training, they are expected to know what a Content App is and how to use it.

Additionally, they will be made aware of certain limitations and how to get help when those limits are reached.

Finally, training participants will learn how to manage their profile and language settings in Magnolia.


Hour 1
Introduction to Magnolia

Hour 2
Pages App, Content Apps

Hour 3
Build a Website, Advanced Topics



✓ Content writing skills
✓ Internet connection
✓ Microphone access
✓ Camera access