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Founded in Lexington, Kentucky, USA in 1988, Dippin’ Dots Inc., are the makers of Dippin’ Dots - an ice cream snack made of tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice. Dippin’ Dots can be found in shopping centers, theme parks, stadiums, and entertainment venues across the United States. 

Dippin’ Dots needed to update their previous legacy eCommerce backend since it had become outdated and unable to incorporate modern payment methods. With Magnolia CMS, Dippin’ Dots was able to integrate a new eCommerce tool to handle the backend, without limiting the content creation capabilities of their marketers. 


The Challenge

Keeping up with future technologies

Dippin’ Dots had been using Magnolia for the last 10 years since Magnolia provided an easy, flexible way to manage content in conjunction with a highly customizable eCommerce tool. Unfortunately, the previous eCommerce tool struggled to cope with new modern payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Also, the checkout process couldn't be customized and made the customer experience inefficient.

They needed to upgrade to a new eCommerce tool that could handle things without losing Magnolia’s marketer-friendly headless capabilities. 


The Solution

Improving the customer experience

Crescendo chose to integrate SaaS eCommerce platform BigCommerce with Magnolia to provide the modern payment flexibility and meet the demands that customers had of their eCommerce experiences. 

BigCommerce was able to provide the eCommerce functionality that Dippin’ Dots needed and they could still rely on Magnolia for publishing and managing the content and other digital assets. Magnolia’s integration connectors made it possible to perform an engine swap of eCommerce tools, improving functionality without placing any new restrictions on what their marketers could do. 


The Result

A better shopping experience

With a successful eCommerce integration taking care of the backend, the Dippin’ Dots marketing team now have everything they need to build exceptional digital experiences for their customers. Magnolia has given them the ability to easily preview changes and then get out of the way.  

The non-technical marketing team can very quickly make new templates and content authors have the power to create those pages in a very flexible way with a wide selection of customizable components. 


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