Concrete ways to test and measure

Drive your business goals and optimize engagement at each step of the customer journey.

Data-driven marketing

A/B and multivariate experiments

With Magnolia, you can make adjustments on the fly to see what works best for your customers, so you can maximize return on marketing investment.

Easily build A/B or multivariate experiments directly within Magnolia and get a straightfoward way to iterate with combinations of messages, layouts and calls-to-action.

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Boost conversion rates

Automatic optimization

Define your goals - such as time spent on page, number of clicks or any other conversion goal - and Magnolia will automatically pick and serve the variants with the best conversion results.

Content is automatically optimized as customers move through your site, ensuring smooth and engaging digital experiences that bring maximum returns.

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Magnolia enables us to optimize and boost certain products easily, which helps drive revenue.

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