Engineered for innovation

Get complete freedom to build and operate your digital experience platform with Magnolia's open suite architecture and cloud readiness. 

Connect your systems around your customers

Integrate anything

Cutting-edge or legacy. Off-the-shelf or custom. No matter the technology, Magnolia allows you to integrate it into your digital experiences. Boost your competitive advantage with the platform that lets you choose the right tools for your challenges.

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Make headless work for your enterprise

Headless, traditional or both

Customizable REST APIs let you use Magnolia in headless or hybrid headless architectures. Deliver pure data and personalized content snippets. Magnolia comes with 80% more features than a pure headless CMS, saving you time and money.

Content delivered by REST API to different devices

Fast front-end tooling

Rapid front-end development

Doing front-end work? Dive into Magnolia using tools and technologies you already know. Use your favorite editor and favorite frameworks to be highly productive, quickly. And tools like the Magnolia CLI (command-line interface) make it easy to do things the right way in less time.

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Super-powered back-end capabilities

Robust. Flexible. Open. Documented.

Magnolia is built on a robust stack of Java and open source technologies. Its open architecture and APIs let you plug in the technologies you need and there are dozens of tools to ease the development process. Combine this with detailed documentation and Magnolia's expert consulting, and you get the most developer-friendly enterprise CMS.

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Run on the platform you want

Cloud platform

Magnolia is compatible with any cloud infrastructure and can run in public, private or hybrid clouds. Magnolia Cloud, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, accelerates time to market and reduces total cost of ownership. 

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