Fast at the front-end

Up to 100% of your enterprise project can be done with front-end technologies. See how Magnolia gives you amazing development speed.

Learn about Magnolia's front-end development framework

Shorten your time to market

Development speed

Speed is of essence and continuous change is the norm in today's development world. Magnolia lets you build new sites and features in days or weeks. 

Your teams can dive into Magnolia's authoring environment in just minutes. Even set up new development environments in about 15 minutes (or less) with Magnolia's CLI  (command-line interface) tool.

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Leverage the newest technologies

Modern tools

Developers love to work with modern technologies and stay on top of things.

To learn Magnolia's light development framework, they only need to know common, essential web development technologies (such as CSS, HTML and Javascript) and can extend with top-notch frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.

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Adrian Heydecker

Front and back-end developers are collaborating much better with light development. We’re working together on the same thing, not blocking each other. On the front-end, I have control until the very last minute and can make changes on the code base.

Improve cross-team collaboration

Higher productivity

When projects do require Java development, front-end developers and back-end developers are able to be independently productive. Front-end developers can contribute directly to projects without waiting for the back-end developers to integrate.

This gives you faster time to market and the ease of onboarding addtional providers or teams.

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