Enhancing content creation with artificial intelligence

How to automate and optimize content management and creation using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) services.


Are you good with words? How busy is your designer? And how are your Photoshop skills lately? Don’t worry! Whether you want to generate text copy or images, Magnolia’s integrations of artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), have got you covered.

Find out how AI can assist with content creation and management in Magnolia to:

  • Increase your copywriting quality and speed
  • Improve your design efficiency
  • Automate text and image tagging for better searchability


Machine learning and natural langue processing are on a mission to make writer's block a thing of the past. With OpenAI’s ChatGPT as your copywriting assistant, you can use text generation to find inspiration and write website copy with ease.

Image generation-icon

Image generation

Don’t have the right image in your library? Creating custom images used to be time-consuming, but AI image generation can now create unique images instantly. OpenAI’s DALL-E generates a wide range of images based on textual input, offering creative freedom and making stock images, photoshoots, and manual design optional.

Text classification-icon

Text classification

Instead of tagging your text content, such as articles or blog posts, manually, Amazon Comprehend’s text classification can analyze and tag your copy for you. You can then easily present the right content to your visitors in the right place on your website.

Keyword search-icon

Keyword search for images

Images enrich the digital experience of your website visitors or app users. To make it easy for you to find matching images when creating a page, AI automation can analyze images. Extract insights, and add descriptive tags using image classification, so that you can easily search for them using keywords. You can use a local, custom-built neural network, or integrate Amazon Rekognition for advanced image recognition.


Magnolia offers pre-built integrations for microservices by leading AI vendors. Our integration capabilities also allow you to integrate with any other AI service easily and quickly. If you’re interested in a specific AI tool to help you create digital experiences, please contact our team, who will be happy to help human to human.