With over 7,000 customers, the EQS Group is a leading provider for online corporate communications and investor relations

The EQS Group is a leading provider of digital corporate communications, with headquarters in Munich. Since its founding in 2000, the EQS Group has grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations and corporate communications. Its solutions and services enable over 7,000 companies worldwide to fulfill complex domestic and international corporate information requirements securely, timely and efficiently.

EQS Investor Relations and EQS Corporate Communications disseminate financial and corporate news, develop corporate websites and apps, produce online financial as well as sustainability reports, and execute audio and video broadcasts. Corporate websites delivered by the EQS Group are tailor-made solutions optimized to reach the specific goals of its customers. Magnolia is the CMS of choice for corporate websites. 

In addition to Munich, EQS has offices in Hamburg and Kiel, as well as Zurich, Moscow and Hong Kong. The Group currently employs 160 people.

Magnolia projects by EQS Group