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Release date: November 15, 2016


More personalization. More power. Meet Magnolia 5.5

Personalization that allows you to easily build relevant customer experiences. Powerhouse tools that let developers deliver new features in just hours or days. Dozens of improvements that benefit your entire team. All this and a convenient new cloud offering make Magnolia 5.5 our strongest release yet.

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For technical details on 5.5, visit the Releases page of our developer docs.

Step up your personalization game

Great personalization is like great service: it’s a process of learning about your customers so you can deliver relevant value. Our new component personalization features let you:

  • Personalize parts of pages or entire pages
  • Build personalized experiences in simple, scalable ways
  • Produce campaigns driven by date, location and demographics

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Meet Magnolia CORE and Magnolia NOW

Magnolia's on-premise product has a new name: Magnolia CORE. It’s the same flexible, robust and powerful system you rely on today. It just has a new name to distinguish it from Magnolia NOW, our new cloud-based Magnolia-as-a-service offering.

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Magnolia NOW takes the complexity out of running Magnolia. It offers fast, well-configured deployments of Magnolia.

  • Build and launch new projects in just days or weeks – even without devops 
  • Rich feature set that includes support and hosting
  • Includes continuous delivery capabilities – no more waiting for deployment windows

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Faster and better development tools

Developers are the driving force behind new sites and new features. 5.5 gives you faster time to market, reduced costs and easier staffing by giving your developers powerful new tools.

  • Set up new development environments and module stubs with a single command
  • Reduce code duplication with definition decoration feature
  • Gain insight and control with the new Definitions app and JCR Browser app
  • … and much more

Read the release notes for Magnolia 5.5 for a complete technical overview.

A more efficient author experience

We've improved  the user experience to give authors what they need, including:

  • A copy and paste tool that lets authors copy content across components, pages, assets, tree items and apps
  • Improved accessibility via screen reader support and UI improvements for all users
  • Easy A/B testing with Google Experiments integration
  • An app switcher that makes it faster to move through apps


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