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Release date: July 3, 2015


Develop faster and easier with Magnolia 5.4

Magnolia 5.4 makes development faster and easier. New developers get up to speed more quickly because there is less to learn. Front-end developers can get more done without having to know Java, while back-end developers benefit from unified resource loading and file-based configuration.

Key features of the new release include hooks to easily integrate modern front-end frameworks (such as AngularJS and Bootstrap), light modules built with configuration instead of Java, a streamlined development workflow and a simplified set of templates that makes developing faster.

Magnolia Templating Essentials

5.4 makes it easy for developers to work quickly. Magnolia Templating Essentials (MTE) is a new simplified set of 32 reusable component templates that allows developers to quickly build templates for their projects. MTE is front-end framework agnostic, easy to understand and easy to integrate. It enables front-end developers to develop powerful integrations with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.

MTE effectively replaces the STK and although STK will still be maintained, it will not be further developed, so we recommend starting new projects with MTE.

Light modules

Light modules allow developers to customize Magnolia by using front-end technologies and HTML on the file system. They can quickly and easily develop light modules and apps without Java know-how and by using their favourite tools, including CSS and HTML editors, instead of Java IDEs and build tools.​

Configuration by YAML file

Magnolia 5.4 enables a consistent, straightforward workflow for editing templates, resources (like Javascript and CSS) and configuration directly on the file system. Developers can now build powerful extensions using simple YAML files. Configuration by file gives you increased transparency, ease of editing and better collaboration for developer teams. As a result, you can have more agile deployments.

Dynamic page caching

Everyone needs performant sites. Advanced cache allows customers with high performing sites to squeeze more out of existing hardware, or to downgrade their infrastructure while still delivering content fast. They need to be able to fragment a page into cached and non-cached elements, so as to partially cache highly dynamic pages. 

Campaign Publisher

The Magnolia Campaign Publisher module allows you to define campaigns consisting of pages, assets and other resources within Magnolia. The module provides a status for each campaign and a way to review each included resource. You can publish the campaign as a whole instead of having to publish each resource separately.


Amazon S3 connector

The Amazon S3 connector provides an app that allows users to manage assets in Amazon S3 while using them in Magnolia. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online file storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides storage through web services interfaces. Using Amazon S3 takes the load of storing and serving large assets off your Magnolia servers. 

New demo site

Magnolia Travels is the website for a fictional travel agency. This business scenario helps showcase the benefits of Magnolia. The demo illustrates important Magnolia features such as publishing, user roles, a multi-language website and a multi-language author interface, multiple sites with content re-use across the sites, marketing tags and more - all in an attractive, responsively resizing website. Content for the website is managed both in the traditional pages hierarchy and as a content pool in the new Tours content app.

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