Stories app for easy authoring

Create rich content in a simple interface that is a joy to use. Marketers can publish quickly and easily across multiple channels.


No clutter, just creation

A clean interface makes it easy for content editors to focus on what they do best: telling stories. Publish with speed directly from the app. Moveable content blocks are simple to arrange and reuse.

Headless with no limits

Headless gives speed to marketers but also traps them in an inflexible interface with rigid forms. The stories app gives marketers back flexibility and creativity in a headless approach.


What people are saying about the stories app

The stories app is a fundamental improvement for the editing experience, and it has already proven its value for our client Voetbal International. This makes Magnolia stand out even more, making it easier and friendlier for marketers and publishers to manage content.

Marcel BoerAgile Lead at

Ease of use has been the vocal claim of all software vendors focused on content creation, yet few have really done much to improve the experience for communicators or marketers. With the release of the stories app, Swiss-based software vendor Magnolia takes a big step towards truly reducing clutter, radically shortening the time to publish and simplifying the content production and publishing experience.


Great content: Clean and simple

More than a great authoring tool, the stories app gives developers clean structured content for rendering in any channel or as JSON. To get the stories app, please upgrade to the lastest version of Magnolia.

Incredibly intuitive and simple to use.

Pance GasteovskiInternational Project Manager at Tricode

The stories app is the content editor Magnolia always needed. It structures content, while giving complete flexibility to the editor.

The days of "editing a page" are gone, and Magnolia recognizes this. Instead of entertaining the outdated idea that you can "see what you get" -- which is an illusion, with all of the different devices your content will be accessed on nowadays -- it allows editors to focus on what matters: paragraphs of text, images, videos, in whichever order they like.

It's a great step towards producing content that travels well across channels and presentation -- and gets out of the way of the editorial work, which is much easier than before.

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