Creating mobile sites with Magnolia

Magnolia gives you the power to create responsive websites across channels. This enables you to take advantage of the growing use of phones and other mobile devices, while creating a powerful and consistent web presence. 


A consistent brand experience

Multi-screening is growing

Mobile is growing, but so is multi-screening. More and more consumers are accessing the web across multiple devices. That means that your content and branding needs to be consistent. 

Create once, publish everywhere

Magnolia takes your single source content and automatically applies a mobile theme. This renders your content suitable for mobile devices and any other formats you wish to define. This allows you to create once, publish everywhere, making life just that little bit easier. 

Instant mobile preview

Get a preview

Magnolia's mobile site preview allows you to visualize your content on mobile devices before activating it. You can even create your own customized previews for any other devices or digital content channels.

Airbus Group goes mobile

Watch how Airbus Group used Magnolia to implement its mobile site strategy and publish its global content seamlessly and cost-effectively across a wide range of mobile devices.


Virgin America delivers mobile experiences with Magnolia

Magnolia understood our dual goals for the website. Their CMS is an important component of a truly revolutionary airline site that makes it easier for travelers to book and manage travel – and explore our branded content – across devices.

Luanne Calvert, CMOVirgin America

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