Headless for the enterprise

Magnolia is a proven enterprise WCMS that excels at headless. Leading global brands use Magnolia in headless and hybrid scenarios. You can combine robust enterprise WCM features such as workflows, personalization and multi-site with the agility provided by headless. 


Flexible development

Rich developer tools

Magnolia helps developers work faster with rich tool sets for both front- and back-end. On the front-end, you can use headless, traditional or hybrid approaches, while choosing any modern framework and tool set. REST APIs are built in and it’s easy to author new endpoints.

Scalable and extendable platform

Magnolia’s open, modular architecture lets you adapt it to meet your current requirements and future demands. We were rated as best-in-class for both back-end extensibility and front-end capabilities in the Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management Systems 2017.


Powerful integration capabilities let you reap the benefits of headless while still building on your existing systems.

technical capabilities

Less development and maintenance work

Magnolia’s rich functionalities mean that you don’t have to build and maintain the other 80% of features that a headless CMS does not provide. 

Hybrid applications

Speed up your digital transformation by running in traditional and headless mode at the same time. Keep your options for heavy lifting open while going light and agile for innovations.


Smooth workflows


Manage your publication process by defining and controlling who needs to see what when. You get four-eye workflow out of the box and you can customize the workflows further as needed in headless. 

Multi-site, multi-language

Manage multiple sites in multiple languages across multiple channels from one powerful platform. Magnolia is integrated with Translations.com – the leading provider of enterprise translation services – to give you a robust and efficient translation pipeline.



Personalized content


Most headless systems make you build your own personalization. Magnolia’s personalization features let you deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time in a practical and scalable way, even in headless scenarios.

Fast and easy content creation

Magnolia’s unique content apps allow you to easily manage content types and any kind of structured data, such as product lists or travel packages. 

Customers using Magnolia in headless scenarios

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