Get headless with no limits

Build with a super-flexible, future-ready CMS that you won't outgrow. 


Magnolia for headless

Get started fast with no obstacles

Empower your teams to get creative right away - marketers, designers and developers can work in parallel without waiting each step.

Integrate with your existing systems

Integrate Magnolia as you need it with your existing delivery tier, React, Angular and mobile apps, CRM, e-commerce and other systems via REST API or low-level APIs.

Future-proof, multi-channel content

Magnolia’s unique content apps let you store content in one location and re-use it across channels, touchpoints and devices - create once, publish everywhere.

Stories app brings creativity back to headless

Freedom for marketers

The stories app is an interface for flexible content creation, without rigid forms.

Create an experience

More than just creating content, editors can build an experience with reusable blocks of rich content.

Publish quickly, to any device

Use the stories app to publish fast, embed digital assets, package and re-purpose content.


Giving headless more enterprise power

Less development and maintenance work

With Magnolia’s rich feature set, you don’t have to build the other 80% of features that a pure headless CMS does not provide. 


Magnolia’s personalization features let you deliver personalized content in a practical and scalable way, even in headless scenarios.


Manage your publication process with four-eye workflow out of the box and customize workflows as your enterprise requires.


Use Magnolia's flexible role- and group-based security policies to configure content and actions for specific users.




Magnolia: Headless without limits

Customizable platform

Adapt Magnolia's open, integration-ready architecture - enhance the UI with custom apps, infuse content from existing systems.

Flexible deployment

Host Magnolia servers on-premise in your own infrastructure, or on our cloud offering: Magnolia NOW. The choice is yours.

Headless and traditional

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid: form-based entry for structured content, or a complete page editor for more flexibility.

Fast at the front-end

Developers benefit from Magnolia's light development - a file-based approach that emphasizes speed and developer ergonomics.

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