Magnolia for your global brand platform

Magnolia is ideal for multinational companies, providing multi-site support and content sharing across multiple websites and languages. This guarantees a consistent customer experience to users, regardless of location.


Consistent branding across sites


You can manage your corporate web presence from head office, while giving different permissions to regions to add localized content. Because of Magnolia’s Create Once Publish Everywhere possibilities, all of your offices can have access to the same global content resources, while being able to add local content too. In addition, Magnolia makes it easy to edit and publish content in several languages.

It’s easy to maintain consistent branding across sites. Editors around the world can use Magnolia’s templates, content components and multi-site technology to create pages and sites that reinforce unique, coherent branding.

A single platform for a global presence

Easily deploy, manage, integrate, and secure your websites with enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations. Magnolia gives you a single platform to manage multiple languages and brands, while allowing you to customize and adapt your content and sites for local markets.

Manage security and permissions for users based on language and individual business units. It’s easy to set up approval chains and workflows. Magnolia allows you to inherit content from parent to child sites/articles/components, which enables you to share and reuse content on one and multiple sites.



With Magnolia, we reinvented Virgin America’s digital content presence to complement and support our recently re-launched website. We rely heavily on our site both to generate revenue, as well as to reinforce our brand – Magnolia understood our dual goals for the website and their CMS is an important component of a truly revolutionary airline site that makes it easier for travelers to book and manage travel – and explore our branded content – across devices.

Luanne Calvert, CMOVirgin America

Manage multilingual sites

Think global, act local

Magnolia allows you to offer content in multiple languages, so that you can extend your reach to a global audience. With Magnolia, it's straightforward to manage and serve several languages from within. You can pick between different options: create one site tree per language, store different languages in a single tree, or mix the two approaches to share the main site structure but add local information where needed.

Make sure local sites are found

Generate SEO-optimized content in all languages to ensure your site is relevant and discoverable wherever you do business. Magnolia accomplishes this by injecting a language identifier into the URL.



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