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It's time to stop shoppers abandoning their carts! Add Magnolia to your online e-commerce storefront and transform your customer experience journeys. Promote products and engage customers with rich editorial content and personalization. 


Understanding your customers

You need to understand your customers so that you can offer them relevant content that will bring them to your site, and convert leads into sales. E-commerce websites need to be integrated with analytics to understand and track customer behavior, and with CRM systems to segment customers and send appropriate offers.

Magnolia integrates with a wide range of e-commerce, analytics and personalization tools that will help you drive sales on your site. Magnolia's rich personalization capabilities allow you to offer relevant content to users. The rewards are significant: personalized content has been shown to raise conversions by up to 300%.

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Magnolia’s ease of use has enabled our staff to quickly bring new promotions and products to market, while its ease of integration has allowed us to take our online competitors on and match them, feature for feature, while beating them on price and variety due to our industry network.

Katarina Sjögren Petrini, CEOTicket Leisure Travel

A seamless shopping experience across channels


Customers expect retailers to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels. With Magnolia, this is just part of the service. Mobile optimizations are automatically applied as needed, while content can be shared across sites.

Magnolia allows you to manage content, campaigns and millions of store assets easily and from any device. This makes it possible for you to swiftly create campaigns using a combination of Magnolia content and your own assets.

E-commerce made easy with deep process
integration and unlimited scalability


Flexible integration

Integrate Magnolia with your choice of e-commerce, analytics, optimization, personalization and unlimited digital marketing tools.



Magnolia supports the seamless presentation of multiple stores under a single brand umbrella, to create a unified shopping experience.


High scalability

Magnolia offers unlimited scalability, clustering and load-balancing to ensure rapid website response, even during high-traffic shopping events.


Ease of use

Magnolia's focus on usability and simplicity means content authors can start creating mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes.

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E-commerce integration strategies

There are many ways to integrate Magnolia with an e-commerce platform. This presentation introduces the strategies for integrating with Magnolia and how to avoid pitfalls.

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