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Your corporate website is often your first contact with potential customers, partners and employees. It's a powerful tool for you to communicate your brand identity and forge relationships with your audiences. Magnolia gives you the power to create a compelling corporate presence that is easy to update.


Communicate your brand

Your corporate website allows you to tell your company's story to your key audiences. Magnolia makes it easy for you to offer personalized web journeys that give relevant content to your audiences, from shareholders to customers. 

Magnolia allows you to create websites that are easy to navigate, and can offer compelling stories using a mix of visual and interactive content, from videos and graphs to virtual visits of company facilities. With Magnolia, it's easy to manage and update assets across your digital properties.



Magnolia is very powerful, and has enabled us to create a fantastic looking website. Unlike other systems, it makes it easy to control pages and to add components, all in a matter of hours. The user interface is so easy to use that it’s ideal even for editors without much experience.

Laura Szekfy, Communications ManagerClean Energy Council

Engage audiences everywhere

Magnolia makes it easy to build relationships with audiences, regardless of location. Magnolia takes your single source content and automatically applies a mobile theme, allowing audiences to access your optimized website across phones and tablets. 

Thanks to Magnolia's internationalization support, content authors are able to add and edit content in multiple languages. And with Magnolia's accessibility support, you can ensure that your site can be accessed by everyone. 

Magnolia allows you to easily add social media integrations, from Facebook to Twitter, while also enabling you to integrate forums, blogs and feedback forums. As a result, your corporate site can act as a rich tool for developing relationships with your stakeholders.

Content creation abstract illustration

Keep your content fresh

Magnolia makes it easy for you to create fresh content and keep it up to date. Content authors can create and edit mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes. Thanks to Magnolia’s focus on usability and simplicity, users need little or even no training. This means your website will always be up to the minute, from shareholder announcements to the latest press release. 


Be ready to extend your site

The market changes quickly, and you want to make sure that your corporate site contains the latest functionalities to attract and engage your stakeholders and future customers. Magnolia's open and modular architecture alllows you to add features and integrations whenever you want.

Magnolia integrates with a large range of e-commerce, analytics, marketing automation, social media, CRM and ERP tools.

This highly flexible and best-practice approach allows you to create completely customized and cost-effective web projects.





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