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Magnolia is the perfect platform for a wide range of business use cases. As a digital business platform with a CMS at its core, it offers the openness, power and flexibility for a wide range of digital business implementations.


Engaging corporate websites


Your corporate website allows you to tell your company's story to your key audiences. Magnolia makes it easy for you to offer personalized web journeys that give relevant content to your audiences, from shareholders to customers. 

Magnolia allows you to create websites that are easy to navigate, and can offer compelling stories using a mix of visual and interactive content, from videos and graphs to virtual visits of company facilities. With Magnolia, it's easy to manage and update assets across your digital properties.

Your digital business platform

As a platform for your digital business, Magnolia lets you integrate all the different pieces of your digital infrastructure, giving your team easy-to-use, task-focused apps. This allows you to provide your customers with a great experience on every digital touchpoint that matters.

Magnolia gives you the flexibility and stability that you need to scale your digital transformation. There are connectors available for many well-known solutions, while Magnolia’s open and extensible architecture makes it easy to build custom integrations.


E-commerce solutions


Around 7 out of 10 online shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Magnolia works hard to prevent this, by allowing you to create engaging personalized e-commerce experiences. It also ensures rapid website response, even during high-traffic shopping events, which keeps shoppers onsite.

With Magnolia, you can seamlessly present multiple stores under a single brand umbrella to create one unified shopping experience. Magnolia also integrates with a wide range of tools that you'll need for e-commerce, analytics, optimization and personalization. 

Your global brand platform

Magnolia gives you a single platform for your global web presence, with multi-site support and content sharing across multiple websites and languages. This guarantees a consistent customer experience to users, regardless of location. It also allows you to customize and adapt your content and sites for local markets.​

With Magnolia, it's straightforward to manage and serve several languages from within. It's also easy to organize translations. The Magnolia user interface for content authors is available in a number of languages, including English, German, Chinese and Spanish.


Internet of Things implementations


Magnolia is the ideal platform for building your IoT strategy, with its strong, scalable backend and impressive security management functionality. Magnolia's integration capabilities enable you to easily create relevant and engaging location-based customer experiences.

Magnolia's beacon management app allows you to run your entire beacon campaign from a single user interface. Apps for coupons, messages and products allow you to easily change and update content for beacon actions. 

Stunning brochure websites

Magnolia enables you to create fantastic looking websites that will attract and convert customers, as well as build engagement with your brand. Magnolia makes it easy to create, edit and collaborate on content, and its assets app takes the pain out of uploading and organizing media files. 

Because of the ease of creating new content, you'll be able to drive traffic to your site. Magnolia also optimizes your content with search-friendly URLs, content tagging and categorization so your audience can quickly spot your new campaigns. 


Advanced mobile sites


Magnolia gives you the power to create responsive websites across channels, automatically applying a mobile theme to your single source content. This renders your content suitable for mobile devices and any other formats you wish to define. 

Magnolia's mobile site preview allows you to visualize your content on mobile devices before activating it. You can even create your own customized previews for any other devices or digital content channels.

Managing marketing campaigns

Magnolia makes it easy for marketing teams to manage campaigns independently. You can set up microsites and landing pages in minutes, while still adhering to corporate identity. And you can create, edit and manage them without any developer assistance. 

Magnolia's Campaign Publisher module allows you to define campaigns consisting of pages, assets and other resources within Magnolia. The module provides a status for each campaign and a way to review each included resource. This allows you to publish the campaign as a whole instead of having to publish each resource separately. 


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