Performance and scalability

You want to enhance your digital presence. The bigger the better. And you don't want to worry about performance, scalability or security. Magnolia is built to serve these requests and maintain performance when faced with growth, heavy use and traffic. 


Enterprise performance and unlimited scalability

Spread the load

Magnolia is typically distributed as one author instance, located behind the firewall, and two public instances. This establishes secure content authoring, while the two or more public instances ensure constant delivery of content, even if one public fails or during surges in traffic.

High performance caching

Magnolia's enterprise caching offers various options for caching dynamic and personalized content. Minimize server load and ensure that fresh content is served to visitors. Cache data is stored in the filesystem and can be local to the server or network, depending on configuration.

Add authors without adding stress

Media and news companies around the world trust Magnolia to manage authoring and publishing for large teams of journalists 24/7. Add as many authors as you need without losing any sleep over it.

Scalability & load balancing

Magnolia can easily be scaled to support hundreds of thousands of users, simply by adding more servers. Magnolia can be configured to run in a clustered environment, providing high availability and load balancing. Author instances can also be clustered, to ensure high numbers of authors have continuous access and performance.

Deployment in the cloud

Although Magnolia is typically deployed as a stand-alone system, it is also possible to deploy to a cloud infrastructure and work with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloud benefits include reduced costs, higher availability, scalability, security and simplicity.


At the outbreak of the current Syrian crisis, the site was subjected to seven days of sustained hacking attacks, our previous system was vulnerable. With Magnolia we have clean, open code that is supported by the vendor. They handle the security threats.

Karim Morgan, CMS architect and project leadAl Arabiya

Security, backup & recovery


Define IP addresses

Another way to ward off trespassers is to configure which IP addresses are allowed access. This means that only computers from a specific network can access Magnolia - for example, staff members at a subsidiary. An address that is not configured to access Magnolia will be denied access.


Define control and access

Define roles for content access and protect content on a 'per-user' basis. Content can only be seen, read and changed by those who are allowed to do so.


Backup & recovery

Accidents happen in every system. Servers crash, databases get corrupted and components fail. When that happens, a backup can save the day. Magnolia takes periodic snapshots of the entire stack, ready to be used in the event of an accident and to maintain availability.

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