Flexible integration

Magnolia enables a smooth digital transformation by connecting multiple systems and data sources. Developers can connect easily with enterprise applications to create customized web projects. And business users can offer their target audiences amazing web experiences.


Magnolia is the central hub for your favorite tools and systems


Magnolia allows you to integrate with multiple systems and tools, including the market leaders in e-commerce, CRM and marketing automation. This enables you to offer enhanced experiences to customers online and offline, without being locked in to a large and costly suite of products. This highly flexible and best-practice approach allows you to create completely customized and cost-effective web projects.

Use the REST API

Magnolia's REST web service allows developers to call any Magnolia command via REST and expose their own REST endpoints via Magnolia. You can create, read, update or delete any pages, components or elements stored in a named workspace. You can also execute commands to activate, export and import content.


E-commerce integration

By connecting Magnolia with your e-commerce system, you can enhance your product listings and quickly create campaigns with rich, personalized content. Magnolia connectors allow you to have seamless integrations with IBM Websphere Commerce, Konakart and Magento.

Magnolia is also able to connect shops with different e-commerce systems simultaneously, removing the stress of having to change e-commerce platforms.

Marketing automation and CRM

You want marketing automation tools that allow you to generate and manage leads effectively, getting rid of repetitive manual tasks so you can concentrate on delivering highly targeted personalized messages through online and email marketing. 

With Magnolia, you can integrate seamlessly with marketing automation connectors like Campaign Monitor and Eloqua. It also offers CRM connectors to Salesforce and Sugar. This means you can get the full use of your data with personalized CRM solutions, while having the power and stability of a flexible CMS.


Watch how Magnolia enabled VSP to react quickly and convert leads efficiently


Store digital assets anywhere

Store digital assets such as images and video in Magnolia's built-in DAM or in an external service like Amazon S3. Whether you want to use an external DAM or a content delivery network (CDN), Magnolia is flexible enough to work the way you want to.

You can then easily create a custom content app, allowing editors to access and use remotely-stored images, as if they were stored in Magnolia.

ERP for richer online applications

You can easily integrate with SAP and Apache OFBiz to manage and automate many of your business processes. This allows you to provide rich online applications that use data from your back office to create content for everything from partner and customer service portals to Intranet sites.

Create insight with analytics

Magnolia analytics connectors can help you get real insights quickly and easily, With IBM analytics, you can develop personalized offers by analyzing product and customer data and patterns. With Google Analytics, you can improve performance and engagement across your online and offline business.

Magnolia's Tag Manager enables marketing teams to easily deploy analytics solutions without IT support, giving them the agility to move with the market in response to new trends.


We needed an open platform for integration of our various systems to provide uninterrupted and electronic access to administrative services for the inhabitants of Lausanne. The integration of our SAP systems, Alfresco was possible thanks to the open architecture of Magnolia.

Jean-Daniel Schläppy, Head of research and ApplicationsCity of Lausanne


Spring framework integration

The Spring framework is the de-facto standard for building Java business applications. Blossom is a Magnolia module to leverage the Spring programming model when developing complex websites.

Blossom adds Magnolia's robust feature set to new and existing Spring apps, while letting developers use ordinary Spring code to configure and extend Magnolia.

More integration support

Implement single sign-on

Implement company-wide single sign-on authentication by connecting Magnolia with enterprise user management infrastructure via the LDAP module (it's perfect for deploying Magnolia in large-scale intranet environments).

Use Tomcat, Websphere and Weblogic

Magnolia and Apache Tomcat are already the best of friends. But you can also use Magnolia with Websphere and Weblogic application servers. 

Call on Magnolia via REST

The Magnolia REST API provides endpoints for CRUD operations on JCR nodes and properties. It allows developers to call any Magnolia command via REST and to expose their own REST endpoints via Magnolia.

Get access with WebDav

The WebDAV interface provides an easy entry path for users to create, edit and manage templates on the Magnolia server as if they were residing on their local file system. It eliminates the need for any Java or system-specific knowledge when creating templates.

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