The digital business platform with a CMS at its core

As a platform for your digital business, Magnolia lets you integrate all the different pieces of your digital infrastructure, giving your team easy-to-use, task-focused apps and providing your customers with a great experience on every digital touchpoint that matters.


Unify your digital infrastructure

Your digital transformation is ongoing. Every department has a different set of tools and channels that it relies on. The sheer number of solutions, with their different delivery models and channels, can be overwhelming.

This fragmented infrastructure is hard to manage and difficult to use. Your people have to learn many different systems and user interfaces, while your technical teams are faced with serious provisioning, support and management challenges.

Tame the chaos with Magnolia

You need a platform that lets you easily adopt new technologies, integrate them with your existing infrastructure and change them when needed. The platform also needs to scale with your digital transformation, giving you the flexibility and stability that you need.

Magnolia is that platform. It allows you to connect with many parts of your existing infrastructure such as Salesforce, IBM WebSphere Commerce and Google Analytics. There are connectors available for many well-known solutions, while Magnolia’s open and extensible architecture makes it easy to build custom integrations.

You can now use the power of these integrations and connectors to create and publish world-class content to anyone, anywhere.

Empower your team with Magnolia apps

Make your digital infrastructure easy to use

Digital business is as much about your employees as it is about your customers. By making your digital infrastructure easy to use, Magnolia empowers people within your organization, helping them to collaborate easily and be more effective.

Focus on work, not on learning new software

Magnolia’s innovative framework allows you to build simple, easy-to-use apps that help people focus on their work, rather than on wrestling with many different systems and user interfaces.

The intuitive interface of the apps means that people need little or no training, saving time and money for your organization. What’s more, Magnolia is web-deployed and multi-channel, allowing staff to work together easily regardless of where they are.

Create great customer experiences across all channels

Deep understanding enables great experiences

What you know about your customers is spread across multiple systems and services. Magnolia provides a way to reach, rationalize and act on this information, turning your disparate systems into informed customer understanding that you can act on with persononalized content.

Keep continuity across channels

Customers move between channels and devices as they interact with your company. Magnolia's strong integration capabilities help you communicate consistently and appropriately across a wide range of channels and touchpoints.


We needed an open platform for integration of our various systems to provide uninterrupted and electronic access to administrative services for the inhabitants of Lausanne. The integration of our SAP systems and Alfresco was possible thanks to the open architecture of Magnolia.

Jean-Daniel Schläppy, Head of Research and Applications DivisionCity of Lausanne

Agility meets strategy

Move as fast as the market

With digital disruption happening on a daily basis, you need to stay agile. With a fragmented digital infrastructure, it's hard to react quickly to changes in the market. Magnolia gives you control and oversight by tying all of your disparate systems together.

Scale with your digital transformation

Because Magnolia is easy to extend and scale, you have the flexibility to increase the diversity of your offerings when you need to. This allows you to add new technological capabilities to deal with emerging challenges. 

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