Deliver projects faster

Light Development allows developers to build new sites and features in hours or days, instead of weeks or months. It gives you the freedom to create innovative custom web experiences quickly.


Five times faster than before

Whether it’s a new microsite or a complex multi-everything project, delivery time matters. Light Development is a new development approach for Magnolia that builds on modern front-end development tools and methods. Many common development tasks – both front-end and back-end - become extremely fast and easy.

Developers are amazed at how quickly they can complete many common development tasks with Light Development. Creating modules, dialog definitions, templates and much more all become quick and easy.

Find and train developers more easily


Traditional Magnolia development requires good knowledge of Java and Java development tools. But it’s not always easy to hire experienced developers, and training often takes time you don’t have. Light Development relies on simpler, more common skills and tools, making hiring and training much easier.

Build on what you know

Light Development is easy to learn, and allows developers to use skills that they already have and tools they already know. They can use familiar text editors, IDEs and build processes. This reduces the learning curve and improves productivity. 

Freedom to innovate

Now that it’s faster and easier to test, build and deploy front-end work, developers and marketing teams gain the freedom to innovate. Ideas that in the past would have been too time-intensive to even think about become feasible to prototype and try.

Agile enterprise platform

With Magnolia, you get a platform that combines enterprise-class features with fast and easy development. Enterprises can accelerate their digital initiatives to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition and creative agencies can aim higher and compete for bigger customers, secure in the knowledge that Magnolia can satisfy enterprise-class requirements.

Fluent back-end and front-end collaboration

Light Development works side-by-side with traditional Magnolia development, allowing you to choose the best tools and team for the project. Use Light Development for an agile front-end approach, and traditional development for deep integrations and platform customization.

Light modules eliminate collaboration bottlenecks by enabling front-end developers to contribute directly to the project without needing deep knowledge of Magnolia. Now you can actually get last-minute help from outsourced teams without slowing the project down when you onboard them.


I recently gave Magnolia Light Development training to front and back-end developers. Even though the front-end developers weren’t familiar with Magnolia, they were able to transform a static prototype into a fully working Magnolia website within a few hours. We’re using Magnolia for small and big websites and Light Development really speeds up the process.

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