Magnolia loves developers

Magnolia makes developing enjoyable because it enables endless possibilities of integrations, all within a clear app framework. This allows developers to use Magnolia as a powerful hub to integrate enterprise systems, tools and data.


Five times faster than before

Light Development is a new development approach for Magnolia that builds on modern front-end development tools and methods. Many common development tasks – both front-end and back-end - become extremely fast and easy.

Developers are amazed at how quickly they can complete many common development tasks with Light Development. Creating modules, dialog definitions, templates and much more all become quick and easy.

Develop your own apps

Magnolia's app framework enables you to create increased functionality with sets of closely related tasks or data. Apps can help end users manage specific functions such as editing product and customer information, managing social channels and configuring beacons.

While Magnolia offers certain web-based task focused apps out of the box, it also allows you to develop your own custom apps to manage tasks and content that are important for your digital channels.

This allows you to create personalized and intuitive dashboards for enterprises, allowing them to easily manage all their digital channels. 


Use the JCR browser to view and edit content at the repository level

Separating content storage from management

Magnolia includes a standards compliant content repository with support for structured and unstructured content. However, content can also reside in other systems or on the web.

This approach decouples content storage from content management and provides a common API that enables standardized content reuse across the enterprise and between applications. 

Magnolia takes advantage of popular third-party user interface frameworks such as Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Vaadin and Sass to create a stable but flexible framework using recent innovations.

Magnolia loves front-end developers

Fast front-end templating

A front-end developer can learn the templating basics in an hour. Magnolia contains a set of templates that is front-end framework agnostic, easy to understand and easy to integrate. Use the default Freemarker templating or add your own templating language, like Mustache or Handlebars.

No need for Java

Front-end developers can build Magnolia sites without knowing Java. You can work on templates, resources and configuration on the file system. You can also edit any text-based resources (CSS, JS) in your favorite text editor or IDE.

Configuration by file

Configure templates and dialogs  in YAML, a simple text that's easy to learn. Use your favorite text editor and share and diff configuration with ease. YAML-based configuration is loaded anew at every system startup, so no bootstraps or version handlers are needed.


Easy access to web resources

Load resource files like CSS and JavaScript from the file system, for quick changes and experimentation. 



As a developer focused company we're constantly preaching to developers that they need to be more agile. So we were looking for something that brought that agility to the content management of the website.

Mark Halvorson, Director of InteractiveAtlassian

Work the way you want to

Speak Groovy

Magnolia also speaks Groovy, so you can be agile and dynamic with your code whilst still retaining the full power, scalability and security of the Java stack.

Customize your workflows

A 4-eye workflow comes built-in with Magnolia, but you can customize and extend it as you like. Merge or unbundle workflows to help website authors and administrators get things done faster.

Add frameworks

Add complex business logic to your website with Blossom, our Spring Framework connector. Magnolia also plays well with Struts, Stripes and other Java frameworks.

Use tag libraries

Use the Magnolia tag library to quickly add new functionality to your templates. You can also import third-party tag libraries like JSTL and use them within templates to save time and effort.

Administration, to keep you in control


Install all in one

You don't need to install software from multiple online repositories to get Magnolia up and running. Just download our all-in-one bundle: it has everything you need for one-stop deployment.


Back up and restore

Export and restore your website content (including revisions if needed) with Magnolia's backup tools. Perfect for migrating content from one Magnolia instance to another.


Use what you know

Magnolia and Apache Tomcat are already the best of friends, but you can also use Magnolia with JBoss, Websphere and Weblogic application servers. Magnolia works well with industry-standard environments.


Use the command shell

Prefer to manage your website from the command line? Use the integrated Groovy command shell for powerful ad-hoc queries or data manipulation.

Download the "Why Magnolia rocks for Java devs" paper

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