Personalized experiences that convert

Magnolia’s personalization module allows you to serve the right content to the right people at the right time. This helps you deliver a better user experience that helps build engagement and increases conversion.


Build relationships with personalized content

You’ve done the hard work by getting people to your site. Now, you want to offer them content that really matches their interests and helps you build a strong relationship. 

With Magnolia, you can easily build up personas, create and preview content and measure how effective it is.

That makes it easy for you to offer the latest styles to a shoe fashionista, or the perfect holiday breaks for a sun-seeker. Every click they make will tell you more about what they’re interested in. That makes it easy for you to give them what they want and creates and consistent, relevant digital experience for a long-term customer journey.

Define your audiences

Magnolia makes it easy to segment your customers so that you can serve them up relevant content, based on factors like where they are, their age and gender. Magnolia’s smooth integration with other systems also allows you to tap into CRMs and other data sources to get a full picture of your customers.

But it goes much deeper than that. Based on their browsing history, you can make sure that visitors don’t have to waste time filling in forms and ticking options every time they go on your site. If you have a travel site, and your customer has been browsing for a sun holiday for four people, then that’s going to be the first option he sees when he visits your site. 


Create personalized content

With Magnolia, you can personalize each page to serve it up to the right audience. To use the travel example, this will allow you to offer a hostel to the budget-conscious student and a luxurious villa rental to the high-flier who splashes out on her holidays. 

Editors can create different versions of a page that are optimized for different audiences. It’s even quick and easy to make just part of a page offer personalized content. 

Step into your visitors’ shoes

Magnolia’s built-in preview tools let you see exactly what your visitor will see. Whether it’s a high flying middle aged man in Bangkok or a young female student in Germany. This lets you get things just right before you go live. 


Magnolia allows us to optimize customer journeys in a very personal way. This enables us to create longer lasting relationships, with less people dropping out.

Caitlin Scanlon, Senior Product ManagerAncestry

Test how you're doing

You’ll want to find out how your personalized content is performing. Magnolia’s integration with Google Analytics makes it easy for you to measure key results like conversions, bounce rates and time on page. You can also easily apply A/B testing to test the effectiveness of different content. 

Once you decide which content is most effective, you can tweak your offers in a matter of minutes. Because you can edit, preview and publish these variants in just a few clicks, even while you're on the move. 

More about content personalization

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