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Website personalization can increase conversions dramatically, yet most companies are struggling to get started. Magnolia gives you the tools to create more relevant digital experiences.



Get started, quickly

Companies across the world want to up their website personalization game, but find it difficult to get started. They often feel that they need to create a lot of new content and this stops them from moving forward.

Magnolia makes it easier to get going without creating new content. The key is to organize your existing content into small, reusable blocks and tag them with labels such as "cruise" or "sale". Now you can serve relevant content to visitors according to their interests.


Modular content and tagging

You may be concerned about how to scale content creation without having to grow your content production team. 

Magnolia’s content apps make it easy to manage small, reusable content items. These apps are ideal tools to manage products, events or any other items for multiple use on your website. Create small, modular content that you can easily assemble into targeted offerings.

Next, tag your content items for personalization. Apply tags that match visitor attributes such as their interest, geographical location or age. Magnolia will choose relevant items from a pool of tagged content. Show a carousel of beach tours to beach lovers, for instance.


Use the data you already have

Use your existing knowledge about visitors, get visitor data from systems where you store it currently, and combine it all to ensure that you achieve the highest possible conversions.

Magnolia’s personalization tools are designed to work with visitor and customer data from other systems such as analytics and CRM. In addition, readily available connectors for popular systems such as Salesforce and SugarCRM make it easy to optimize your website personalization.


Do more with cookies

Magnolia makes it easy to use cookies effectively to track the journey of your website visitors. You can easily set a cookie when a visitor, say, visits a landing page or submits a form.

Store visitors' interests in cookies. Track their behavior and build basic affinity profiles. What kind of content are they mostly browsing? Use this information to customize their experience when they return.

Test and track

High-performing web pages will lead to more page visits, lower bounce rates and more conversions. A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of a web page to see which one performs better.

Magnolia makes it easy to create content variants for personalization that you can link to A/B testing. This helps you to measure your personalization campaigns for more useful insights.


Customers using Magnolia for website personalization


Magnolia allows us to optimize customer journeys in a very personal way. This enables us to create longer lasting relationships, with less people dropping out.

Caitlin Scanlon, Senior Product ManagerAncestry

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