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Magnolia’s content apps - specialized, web-based tools - make it easy to re-use content and manage structured data e.g. product descriptions or store locations. Customize content apps, connect to any data source and publish to any channel - get great flexibility for your enterprise headless CMS or hybrid approaches.

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Content apps for the enterprise

Magnolia provides many content apps that can be used out-of-the box. You can extend or customize these apps and build or create your own. Some popular examples:

  • Teasers app that simplifies how data is managed and how it appears on pages
  • Campaign Manager app that enables quick product launches and timely sales promotions
  • Apps for corporate communications such as managing blogs, news, events and contacts
  • Apps for enterprises such as managing job listings, locations and customer profiles

Extend with content apps

Magnolia’s content apps are specialized tools to manage data sets and organizing items from a web-based interface.

Content apps free marketers from worrying about page layouts and enables them to enter routine content in a structured way, whether it’s managing events, job listings, or travel packages. They can easily re-use small, modular content items.

Pages are dynamically generated based on data sets. Data for your content apps is typically stored in the Java Content Repository (JCR), but you can also work with data outside the JCR by connecting to external systems or third-party tools. 


Six reasons to use content apps


Easy to use

Marketers and content editors can get started with little training. Magnolia’s content apps are as easy to use as smartphone apps.


Consistent and standardized

Content apps separate content from structure and theming. Build elements of your brand guidelines into the apps to ensure consistency.


Increase productivity

Forms help reduce errors. Editors can work fast and personalize at scale by creating small, modular content items and tagging them for versatile re-use.


Switch and multitask

You can launch, navigate and switch between apps without losing any information. Content apps run independently from one another.



Build as many different content apps as you want - exactly to your needs. Organize apps into logical groups and assign access to certain users.


Integrate and connect

Use apps to connect Magnolia to third-party systems, tools and data sources, e.g. ERP, social media or cloud services. 

REST on your APIs

Magnolia’s use of open APIs and data standards open up rich integration and customization opportunities that make it easy to share and manage content across multiple sources.

Flexible REST APIs support headless CMS scenarios and enable you to use semi-structured content.


One of the things that attracted us to Magnolia was its app framework. A lot of CMS tools are about building webpages, but on top of that, we wanted to be able to tap on and integrate pieces of data such as our dealer network and artist roster. Magnolia with its app structure allows us to do just that, to solve content creation tasks in obvious ways.

Sergio Salvatore, Director of TechnologySteinway & Sons

How PERI used Magnolia apps to manage a multi-site presence

With more than 50 sites in over 30 languages, scaffolding manufacturer PERI needed a platform that would be easy to use. Reducing errors by content editors would lead to lower operational and management costs. 

Magnolia’s app framework allowed PERI’s developers to create custom apps to manage specific site sections. PERI created 14 custom, task-focused apps to manage hundreds of products, projects, press releases, events, videos and job advertisements around the world.

PERI also integrated Magnolia’s multilingual functionality in all the apps, enabling users to easily customize content variants for different countries and languages.

As Magnolia is extremely flexible and easy to customize, PERI has been able to add functionality and create more task-based apps that make its new sites and microsites easy to manage.

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