Simple yet powerful content creation

With Magnolia, content authors can start creating mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes. Thanks to Magnolia’s focus on usability and simplicity, users need little or even no training.

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Content personalization

Magnolia’s personalization module allows you to serve the right content to the right people at the right time. This helps you deliver a better user experience that helps build engagement and increases conversion.

Editors can create different versions of a page, or components within a page, that are optimized for different audiences. It’s even quick and easy to make just part of a page offer personalized content.


Fast, powerful content editing at your fingertips


Magnolia gives content editing power back to marketing teams. The content management user interface allows editors to navigate to pages, edit them directly in the browser and with a constant preview of how the content will appear. No need for development or IT support.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Manage all your images and media assets in an easy-to-access, central storage system (DAM). Structure your assets as you like and simply link to them from the pages. You can even edit files, move them around and rename them without having to worry about broken links. 

Work with your tools

Magnolia connects with a large range of e-commerce, analytics, marketing automation, social media, CRM and ERP tools. This highly flexible and best-practice approach allows you to create completely customized and cost-effective web projects.

Content authoring for the mobile workforce

Mobile technology continues to change how we consume and create content on a daily basis. That’s why Magnolia allows you to create and manage content on the tablet, just as easily as on the desktop.

Navigate between Magnolia apps, just as you would on your smartphone. Whether you're at the desktop or on the move, choose from your own, customized content apps to add and publish content.

Instant mobile sites & preview

Create once, publish everywhere.

Magnolia takes your single source content and automatically applies a mobile theme. This renders your content suitable for mobile devices and any other formats you wish to define.

Magnolia's mobile site preview allows you to visualize your content on mobile devices before activating it. You can even create your own customized previews for any other devices or digital content channels.

Airbus Group goes mobile

Watch how Airbus Group used Magnolia to implement its mobile site strategy and publish its global content seamlessly and cost-effectively across a wide range of mobile devices.



Collaboration and workflows

Stay up to date with the pulse

Stay up to date with a continuous activity feed and discreet notifications. Get updates on content status, comments, requests and warnings, as well as statistics and analytics. Understand what is relevant for your audience to become more relevant to them.

Customizable workflow

A four-eye, enterprise-ready workflow comes built in with Magnolia, but this can be customized and extended as needed, for unlimited numbers of authors. Define who should be notified and what actions made available to them for any given site activity.

Middle East's largest news channel publishes content within 3 minutes

With our previous system it took 10-15 minutes to get a news feature online. With Magnolia this has been reduced to less than three minutes.

Karim Morgan, CMS architect and project leadAl Arabiya

More authoring support

Version all content

To avoid any lost content, Magnolia content is automatically versioned. Authors can compare and restore previous page versions as and when needed.

Make your search fruitful

Authors and visitors can search through accessible information or retrieve content by typed meta-data information (such as author, year, keywords or any other information).

Define look and feel

A theme specifies the look and feel of a Magnolia website and keeps the layout and content separate. Themes are managed independently from editorial content. This makes it easy to change the look and feel of your web-site without disarranging your content.

Schedule publishing

Magnolia allows you to publish or unpublish content based on date and time. Maximum flexibility for relevance planning.

Tag and categorize

With tagging and categorization, editors can display items in grouped lists for hierarchical navigation or access through a category cloud. Categorization allows you to build highly dynamic, interactive sites.

Include your followers

Acknowledging your fans and followers and their opinions is of great value to them - and you. Make user-generated content available - for example by using a forum, allowing comments, and integrating social media.

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