Orchestrate Your Digital Content

Optimize marketing, sales and services in a multi-channel and multi-device world, and maximize the impact of every touchpoint with Magnolia CMS.

Optimize Your Digital Presence

You want your online presence to be fresh, modern and adaptive. In a world on the move, managing all your digital channels can be challenging on many levels. Magnolia helps you simplify this huge effort.

Magnolia CMS, combines task-specific, custom Apps, 'The Pulse' for real-time monitoring and Favorites for a personalized workspace. Plus, our intuitive and beautiful user interface makes content management a joy.

Smartphone Simplicity

Forget about clunky interfaces filled with long forms, bulky toolbars and cumbersome drop downs. Magnolia's sleek touch-inspired interface lets you focus on making your content sing, no matter if you're working on a desktop PC or a touch device like an iPad.

Want to Instrument your Digital Channels?

Navigate between Magnolia Apps using a springboard, just like on your smartphone. You will then be able to pick the right App for the job to guide you through the process. You can use Magnolia 5 to create your own Apps, for example to update customer details, access patient records or gather survey data. All of this happens in an intuitive, appified user interface.


Turn Insight into Impact with The Pulse

The Pulse makes sure that you can constantly optimize your inbound and outbound business funnels. Stay up-to-date with a continuous activity feed and discreet notifications. Get updates on content status, comments, requests and warnings, as well as statistics and analytics. Understand what is relevant for your audience to become more relevant to them.


Work Smarter with Favorites

Define and manage your personal workspace with Magnolia 5 Favorites. Create shortcuts to your most common actions such as adding a landing page, creating a microsite or adding a new offer. Even shortcuts to simply update your homepage will help you save time, ensure consistency and make it personal to you.


Tune into Our Digital Asset Management

Digital assets enhance your online channels' sound, so your audience won't ever stop listening to you. Our new Digital Asset Management (DAM) lets you manage all those digital assets, from images to videos and PDF files. Upload, edit, crop, save, tag, categorize, resize, use and reuse your assets comfortably and whenever you need to.