Blossom Brings Enterprise Content Management to Spring

Blossom adds Magnolia CMS's robust feature set to new and existing Spring apps, while letting developers use ordinary Spring code to configure and extend Magnolia.

Blossom: Magnolia + Spring Framework

The Spring framework is the de-facto standard to build Java business applications. Blossom is a Magnolia CMS module to leverage the Spring programming model when developing complex websites.


Blossom for Developers

  • Use MVC-style loose coupling and test-driven development (TDD) for more maintainable code
  • Use code to extend and configure Magnolia's administration and content creation interface
  • Benefit from automated class detection and registration
  • Leverage built-in versioning, workflow, staging and security features from Magnolia CMS
  • View Magnolia's Blossom presentation at SpringOne2GX


Blossom for Businesses

  • Simplify integration with back-end business systems
  • Implement custom content management workflows that reflect business processes
  • Provide a more interactive experience to end-users
  • Speed up development by leveraging your development team's existing Spring Framework knowledge

How It Works

Magnolia's Blossom module seamlessly exposes Spring Web MVC-controllers as templating building blocks. This lets you create Website page templates with a high level of dynamic behaviour that editors can compose to create truly interactive web pages.

Blossom also makes it easy to add complex business logic to your website and simplifies integration with business systems.

About the Spring Framework

The Spring Framework is the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications, rich web, and enterprise integration applications, used by two thirds of all Java developers.

Spring makes it easy for developers to build powerful enterprise Java apps, increasing development productivity and product performance while improving test coverage and application quality.

Important Features

  • Support autowiring of RenderingModel classes used outside Blossom
  •  Annotation based API built on Spring Web MVC: simply add @Template to your controllers to turn them into building blocks for editors
  • Enables templates, areas and components to gain all the benefits of the MVC pattern
  • Allows you to reuse controllers that you've already developed with Magnolia CMS
  • Includes dialog validation callbacks for custom validation of input
  • Allows execution of components in front of Magnolia CMS to enable custom redirects and actions
  • Exposes fluent builder-style API for dialogs
  • Supports meta-annotations for component availability

Some Statistics

  • 2.5 million Java developers use the Spring framework
  • 400 of the Fortune 500 use Spring for building their Java apps
  • 70% of companies cite improved productivity, faster project completion, improved portability and application quality as reasons for using Spring