On-Demand Webinar:
Make Ecommerce Internationalization a Success

Easily create and deliver brand and product experiences
that are aligned with shopper intent - anywhere in the world you operate.
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Every moment a shopper interacts with your brand matters. The way you respond to these moments determines whether a shopper stays on the journey or leaves. 

How can you effectively combine your content, products and customer insight and create personalized experiences that effortlessly guide shoppers to find what they’re looking for? And how can you do this at scale, creating globally consistent experiences with the necessary local nuances to compete with home-grown competition?

Watch this webinar to learn about and see in action practices that can make your ecommerce expansion efforts a success through: 

  • Combining marketing content, brand and product information in the easiest way possible to create compelling stories around your products
  • Creating highly personalized experiences that are aligned with your shoppers’ intent with the help of AI-driven search, merchandising and recommendations
  • Delivering your experiences across multiple sites, reusing content and keeping global consistency while providing flexibility and efficiency for your local teams  

We are discussing these tactics in a fireside chat followed by a demo of Magnolia and Attraqt showing you how you can host, build and personalize your entire international web presence in one unified UI without having to rely on IT​.



Jan Schulte

Head of Group Consulting, Magnolia

Working at the intersection of business and technology, Jan helps Magnolia clients succeed with their content management and digital experience initiatives, framing solutions to their custom challenges and opportunities.


Cass Weber

Professional Services Manager, Magnolia

Cass is a professional services manager at Magnolia, where she oversees services tasks and ensures a smooth and successful delivery. In addition, Cass enjoys hosting Magnolia webinars and virtual events.

Imran Choudhary bw

Imran Choudhary

VP of Strategic Growth, Attraqt

As an ex-retailer and software engineer, Imran shares a rare blend of commercial, practitioner, and technical skills which have led to him advising high growth start-ups, fashion apparel, and luxury. With over 16 years in retail and IT, Imran has specialised in Omni-Channel Commerce holding roles in the product office, go to market, and client management. Prior to joining Attraqt, Imran spent a number of years with IBM leading their Commerce business and managing a number of strategic retail clients.

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About Attraqt

Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 240 of the world’s leading retail brands.

Attraqt’s platform drives relevant and inspiring ecommerce experiences through personalization, search, recommendations, and Merchandising all via a SaaS solution.

Simple-to-use interfaces and efficient workflows enable Merchandisers to take full control and enhance the value of smart automation with their own strategic expertise and creativity.


About Magnolia

Magnolia is a leading digital experience software company. We help brands outsmart their competition through better customer experiences and faster DX projects. Get full headless flexibility and seamless workflows across best-of-breed digital experience stacks.
Global leaders such as Tesco, Argos, Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrett all rely on Magnolia for maximum reliability, high-speed project implementation and exceptional omnichannel experiences.

Founded in 1997, Magnolia is a privately-held company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. The company has offices around the globe, and customers in over 100 countries.