Stuck with a Legacy Platform
that keeps you behind?

The shift from an all-in-one solution to a modular approach is significantly gaining traction. Due to the complexities of sometimes very small adjustments that are needed, this single point of failure now represents poor value when a seamless customer journey is everything, and agility is required.

Step-by-step Guide

If you are thinking about this form of architecture [incl. a headless environment] or can resonate with the difficulties around moving smarter and faster - here is a step by step guide to move you towards a flexible and future-proof platform.

Step 1 - Let us guide you through options

See your options for change, without creating a revolution in your enterprise.

Take a staged approach to decoupling, bring in better tools for your business users, and remove yourself from this single point of failure.  

Step 2 - Decouple content

Start by decoupling your content, and bring in a more powerful CMS. Give your business users more freedom and control over managing campaigns, dynamic landing pages, optimizing content, workflows and more.

You can start small with just injecting content into your existing system, and progress up to taking over management of the entire product catalog.

Step 3 - Go Headless

Future-proof your content for any channel - your website, native mobile apps, chatbots, in-store digital signage - anywhere your customers are, today and tomorrow.

Get full REST API, while keeping enterprise CMS features like personalization, workflows and security. Give the best of both worlds to both your developers and marketers.

Step 4 - Search across your Enterprise

Look into your enterprise, see the pains and what’s needed for a more connected customer experience on the outside, and smoother workflows inside.

Consider all integrations needed - customer data, commerce, marketing, customer service - and start building your future-oriented platform backed by microservices.

Step 5 - Create digital Experiences at Speed

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