Schritt für Schritt zum richtigen E-Commerce CMS

Are you finding yourself under-equipped to create modern commerce experiences that intertwine content with shopping because of outdated technology or difficulty integrating disparate systems? 

If you are, you might be considering the move towards a headless architecture with a flexible, headless CMS at the center that enables you to create engaging and convenient digital commerce experiences fast.

Download our white paper to:

  • Explore common challenges in ecommerce 
  • Find out what the benefits of a headless CMS are
  • Learn how Magnolia can enable your content authors and developers to create modern commerce experiences
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Drive more Revenue

Deliver customer engagement with emotional stories based on real-time commerce data and insights from your buyer’s journey. Magnolia brings easy management and optimization to the shopping experience, allowing you to grow traffic, engagement, conversions, and ultimately ecommerce revenue.

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Gain Speed

Empower your developers with ready-built integrations and frontend freedom, and your marketers with best-in-class authoring and personalization capabilities and freedom from IT. With Magnolia’s deep ecommerce integrations and capabilities, you get up and running quickly, and expand with minimal effort.


Stay Flexible

Easily integrate Magnolia with your ecommerce and legacy systems, deploy in the cloud or on-premises, go headless and deliver content via API, or use Magnolia as a traditional content management system. You can implement Magnolia in the way that best suits your business.

The watersports industry is very visual, so we needed a unique way of showcasing our equipment in use in beautiful locations. With Magnolia, we can pull all of our imagery together in one place and build and preview colorful pages that we know our customers will enjoy. It is really quick and extremely easy to use and our teams can now effectively monitor and maintain all of our web pages within one platform.
Charlie Kernan

Charlie Kernan

Managing Director at King of Watersports