How to build a DX for the Modern Policyholder


How to build a DX for the modern policyholder

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, with the significance of delivering exceptional customer experiences to stay ahead of the competition.

Insurers need to leverage the right tools and deliver a great digital experience (DX) to meet the expectations of today’s policyholders.

Liable for solving these challenges?

Legacy modernisation

The challenge of updating outdated and traditional insurance systems and processes to modern technology and practices, enabling better efficiency, integration, and customer experience. Consolidate and conquer with a DXP

Composable systems

The challenge of building insurance systems using modular components that can be easily assembled and rearranged to meet specific business needs, allowing for flexibility and scalability. Building the composable DXP.

How to find and retain customers

The challenge of identifying and attracting potential customers while also implementing strategies to retain existing customers, ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term business growth. Claims prevention begins with education.

Speed to market

The challenge of quickly introducing new insurance products, services, or features to the market, keeping up with evolving customer demands and competitive pressures. Discover a more human way to engage customers.

Channel limitations

The challenge of limitations and restrictions imposed by distribution channels (e.g., agents, brokers, online platforms) in reaching and serving customers, requires innovative approaches to expand customer get and improve accessibility—a firm foundation for distribution



Cyber security

The challenge of protecting sensitive customer data, digital assets, and insurance systems from cyber threats such as data breaches, hacking, ransomware attacks, and ensuring compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.This is a major challenge for businesses, as they need to invest in, and understand security features to protect their data.

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Choosing a digital experience platform (DXP) for insurers

Established insurers face a growing threat from digital challengers with new business models. Equally, consumers are now more demanding and expect great digital experiences and personalized service.  

So, how can insurers evolve and build on their strengths?

The answer is with a digital experience platform. A DXP will help you deepen your relationship with customers and maximize the value of every touchpoint.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Succeeding in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • The importance of digital experience
  • How to strengthen critical touchpoints such as quotes and claims
  • Enhancing customer lifetime value with a DXP
  • What to look for when choosing a DXP
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At VASS, we have over 20 years of experience helping insurers with digital transformation. We have a global team dedicated to the sector, based in 26 countries that have completed over 1000 successful transformations. 

Our solutions help to collect real-time data on potential risk by using connected devices that measure behavioural and environmental factors, allowing organisations to analyse data in real-time and generate tailor-made, contextual outputs. 

At VASS, we provide innovative digital solutions to overcome challenges in the near and distant future and turn them into opportunities.  

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