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1,000 CMS users share their thoughts on headless content managementand digital experience design.
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Headless CMSs are awesome. They let marketers create content at speed, allow businesses to operate across numerous new channels, and enable IT teams to streamline their technology stacks.

Today, headless CMS adoption is at an all-time high – but there are still those who are reluctant to make the switch. Without a visual interface in place to physically “see” the content being created, many marketers are still unsure of how best to use a headless CMS.

Magnolia’s Head to Headless report provides a clear, straight-talking guide for anyone looking to build a best of both world’s approach – adopting a headless CMS while still benefiting from a visual user interface.

Incorporating data from over 1,000 global CMS users working in marketing and IT, Head to Headless provides the ultimate guide for those looking to understand the headless content management landscape and to build the best approach for their business.

​​​​​​​Download this report if you’d like to know:

  • Why 86% of marketers at large enterprises have grown frustrated with traditional CMSs
  • Why 99% of IT teams who have adopted a headless CMS report seeing benefits
  • The benefits (and limitations) of a traditional, headless or hybrid-headless approach
  • How you can build a best of both worlds “visual-headless” CMS approach
  • Why brands like Tesco, Avis, The New York Times and more trust Magnolia’s CMS