Deliver Content To Any Channel With Magnolia's Headless CMS

Create content once & use our APIs to quickly publish it to any device or touchpoint

Why go headless with Magnolia?

Launch Faster

With Magnolia's headless CMS, you can instantly pull presentation-independent content from Magnolia into any of your channels -- whether it's your website, app, IoT devices, digital displays or something else.

Custom content types and REST APIs are configurable in minutes. Content authors and frontend developers can get started right away and work in parallel.


Customize To Your Needs

Leverage Magnolia’s open architecture to easily customize the platform to meet your organization’s unique needs, whether that’s the user interface, content types or workflows.

Through our powerful APIs and pre-built connector packs you're able to seamlessly connect Magnolia to your other marketing technologies and access the content you need all from one system.


Keep Marketing Happy

Other headless systems leave marketers in the dark. With Magnolia, you get headless delivery with the marketing features you expect in an enterprise-grade CMS, such as in-context editing, full preview and rich personalization capabilities.

Marketers can work more freely, while developers can focus on development instead of being sidetracked by menial tasks.


Launch Faster

Customize To Your Needs

Keep Marketing Happy

Magnolia Headless vs. Traditional Headless

Magnolia Headless

Traditional Headless


Use Magnolia's industry-leading APIs out of the box and customize them to fit your needs, or simply add your own

Built to be API-first, but without the ability to add or customize APIs as needed


Customize any aspect of the platform, including the user interface, to your evolving demands

Limited customization of the platform beyond content types and fields


Allow authors to see what they are building with in-context editing, including for Single Page Apps, and full live preview

Form-based content editing and no preview capabilities kills the creativity of authors and editors


Give authors the ability to personalize based on implicit and explicit traits right out of the box

Personalization needs to be implemented by developers on the front-end, straining time and resources


More easily build the right security and governance processes with customizable four-eye workflows that are already included

Workflows must be built from the ground up, which adds unforeseen monetary and time costs

Magnolia: Headless with no limits

Headless for Developers & Marketers

Headless compliments a microservice approach, accelerates development, and makes it easier to find developers. But headless projects backfire when the authoring experience does not get proper attention.

To make compelling content, authors need to understand the actual context of where the content is used. They want a visual preview, and most of all they need more creative control.

Magnolia gives you both: pure headless delivery over REST APIs, while maintaining creative control and context for authors, thanks to our Visual SPA editing and Stories App technologies.