Build Applications Your Way.

Magnolia’s headless CMS lets you build using your preferred frameworks & effortlessly consume content via API.


Reduce Backlogs

Get your dev and marketing teams working in sync.

Developers can build apps faster using their favorite front-end frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue; while content creators can use our Visual SPA Editor to make content and layout changes without needing developers to rely on developers.


Integrate Seamlessly

Our unique Connector Pack approach integrates Magnolia into your other core systems with minimal coding required.

You’ll spend less time connecting to third-party systems since it takes only a few lines of configuration to connect Magnolia to best-in-class DAMs, e-commerce systems, CRMs, and more.


Save Time On Development

Most headless systems force developers to spend time building functionality for even basic CMS features like preview.

Magnolia comes equipped with the capabilities modern enterprises need, including live preview, personalization, customizable workflows, A/B testing, security and more.


GraphQL and REST APIs

Gain flexibility in how you pull content into your front-end applications.

Use our GraphQL API to access all your Content Types through a single endpoint. This means you can query data without configuring or updating an endpoint every time the data structure or requirement changes.

Of course, you can still choose to work with our powerful, deeply customizable REST APIs to modify/upload content and trigger any activity in Magnolia.


Built-In Visual Editing and Live Preview

Most headless content management systems end up being a drag on developers since content creators need developer assistance for even the simplest structural and layout changes.

With Magnolia as your headless CMS, you only have to develop during the initial set up. From there, authors and editors can edit content, layout, and structure in context using the Visual SPA Editor. They’re also able to preview the experience built with the Visual SPA Editor just as the end user will see it.


Cloud and Self-Hosted Options

Choose between multiple deployment models for your headless CMS.

Magnolia’s PaaS cloud offers immediate access to integration, testing, and production environments so you can get projects up-and-running in just minutes. Running on AWS, you don’t have to worry about performance and availability. The single-tenant model provides more control and security than traditional multi-tenant SaaS models.

If you want even more control, you have the freedom to host Magnolia on your own servers.

Headless Built for the Enterprise

Magnolia comes equipped with the capabilities enterprises need to put out great digital experiences at warp speed.



Define audience segments via implicit traits or data captured from sources like your CRM.

Custom Workflows


Use Magnolia’s out-of-the-box four-eye workflow or customize it to suit your needs.

eCommerce Integration


Feel confident in your content security with Magnolia’s ISO27001 certification.

Multisite Management

Live Copy

Streamline multi-site management by pushing changes from a central master site.

Automatic Text Classification


Move quickly by using slim YAML configuration files to accomplish common CMS tasks.


Global Support

Know that we always have your back with 24/7 global support.