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Deliver harmonious multi-channel shopping experiences from product description to check out with Magnolia CMS for ecommerce implemented by Arvato Systems.


Your Direct Benefits of a Magnolia CMS Ecommerce Integration with Arvato Systems:

One seamless experience for customers

Avoid the dreaded “two site syndrome” that happens when customers are served a disjointed experience during the exploration and buying phases. With Magnolia for ecommerce, customers get a cohesive journey across channels no matter where they are in the purchase process.

Faster project cycles

Arvato Systems maintains an array of Magnolia CMS modules that extend its functionality with minimal effort, so you get up-and-running quickly. Examples include modules for import and export, translations, integrations, and more.

A single access point for all your content

Eliminate the need to toggle back and forth from your ecommerce platform to your CMS to your PIM and so on. Arvato Systems makes data, content, and assets from all these platforms accessible directly from the Magnolia UI.

Flexibility to meet the needs of your system landscape

Whether you want to go headless and deliver content via API or use Magnolia as a more traditional content management system, Arvato Systems can implement Magnolia in the way that best suits your business.

Magnolia allows us to create, edit, delete and push content quickly. The Hybris integration and collaboration with Arvato enable us to integrate Magnolia efficiently. I've never used a CMS system that intuitively allows us to design and create great landing pages for our site quickly.
Roy A. Burke

Roy A. Burke

Web Specialist at Belimo


A Single Access Point for All Your Ecommerce-Related Platforms


Most Ecommerce platforms excel at capturing transactions but were not designed to handle the demands of today’s customers for dynamic, highly personalized customer experiences. That’s still the domain of full-fledged content management solutions.

Arvato Systems, a Magnolia Platinum partner, gives you the best of both worlds by combining your Ecommerce platform with a tightly integrated instance of Magnolia CMS.

You’ll access your Ecommerce solutions through Magnolia as if they were a single system, except now you can more readily create rich, content-driven campaigns which translate into converted sales and customer acquisition.

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