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Choose the best CMS to manage all your content from one platform and deliver it to any screen or device, all at speeds you never thought possible.

Request a demo and see what makes Magnolia the fastest CMS for mid-market and large enterprises:

  • As a headless CMS system, content is decoupled from its final presentation, meaning you can effortlessly deliver content to any front-end app, screen or device
  • Content creators get up-and-running quickly with in-context editing that lets them work with content just as it’ll appear to their intended audience
  • Our unique Connector Pack approach to integrations lets you connect data and analytics platforms, marketing automation tools, DAMs, and more with minimal coding
  • Magnolia makes content from across your tech stack accessible directly from the user interface, so content creators can find, edit and manage content without having to switch from platform to platform
  • Open source code and standards mean you can more easily tailor the software as needed to help your team work more efficiently


Our CMS experts will tailor your demo to your organizational needs and requirements. That way you'll get the best possible idea if Magnolia is the right solution for your project.

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Magnolia’s Benefits

Bring together content, data, and services seamlessly in your platform. Integrate your tech stack to orchestrate and deliver great digital experiences across channels in an agile way.

Time to Market

Great companies are fast to market. That takes high-performing teams and a modern tech stack. Magnolia equips its users with the right technology to empower them to work alone or in a team to launch great digital experiences in the fastest way possible.

Return on Investment

No rip and replace—no vendor lock-in. Magnolia works in concert with your existing tools and streamlines how you develop digital experiences, increasing the value you get from your DX investments.


Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Magnolia’s composable, API-based architecture lets you build a modern, flexible, and extensible tech stack.

Easy to use and effective

A slick modern UI, streamlined workflows across the CMS and all connected systems, along with out-of-the-box tools to create, plan and optimize experiences make Magnolia truly best-in-class for marketers and authors. 

Automation powered by AI makes tasks such as tagging, search and personalization even faster, scalable and more effective. 

Flexible and lightning fast

Magnolia is built on a highly flexible architecture, open standards and rich set of integration points. You get full flexibility to employ microservices and to deliver experiences with a headless approach, fully server-rendered or any combination.

Inspired by frontend development practices, our unique light-weight development approach brings the fastest possible time-to-value.

Build your fully tailored DXP

Assemble a flexible, yet durable DX stack with Magnolia at its core.

Powerful APIs and our unique Connector Packs accelerate integrations and bring all available content and data inside Magnolia—in one unified UI.

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