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Magnolia is the perfect CMS to manage your web content and connect with booking engines, GDS and travel review sites. From Virgin Holidays to Thomas Cook, global leaders in travel use Magnolia to build compelling web experiences that convert customers.


Travel and tourism brands powered by Magnolia

What you can do with Magnolia


Change travel offers quickly

You need to add and update travel offers regularly. With Magnolia, editors can easily create new travel offers and collaborate on and publish them without any developer help.


Connect with travel systems

Magnolia's open architecture gives you the flexibility to integrate with booking engines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and backend systems to ensure that you offer a smooth travel experience.


guarantee high performance sites

Magnolia gives you high performance capability. So if you're creating a high budget marketing campaign, you can be sure your sites won't go down at a crucial time.


Easily manage campaigns

With Magnolia, it's easy to manage personalized campaigns that allow you to run seasonal website campaigns to promote travel and tourism offers.


Make searching easy

Integrated full-text search makes searching easy for authors and visitors. You can also integrate with search platforms like Solr for advanced search engine optimization, making it easy for customers to find the travel details they need.


Offer personalized experiences

You can tailor your pages so that you can give customers personalized web pages based on their search history, whether they're interested in cruises or safaris. Use A/B testing to test which pages work best.

With Magnolia, we reinvented Virgin America’s digital content presence to complement and support our recently re-launched website. We rely heavily on our site both to generate revenue, as well as to reinforce our brand – Magnolia understood our dual goals for the website and their CMS is an important component of a truly revolutionary airline site that makes it easier for travelers to book and manage travel – and explore our branded content – across devices.

Luanne CalvertCMO, Virgin America

If you need more information, I'd be happy to connect you with a Magnolia expert.

Unlimited integration possibilities

Magnolia clients like use Magnolia’s Spring framework integration module to deliver dynamic content, like price and availability search, payment processing and exchange rate conversion. By offering real-time pricing and availability information, you can give customers the best booking options.

Integration with your CRM will help you get the most out of personalization, while connecting with social media and review sites can get your brand more visibility. Magnolia also makes it easy to integrate with apps and third-party geolocation services to offer 'right here, right now' info to travellers.

Magnolia allows you to integrate with multiple systems and tools, including the leading booking, CRM and PIM systems.

More reasons to choose Magnolia


With multiple public instances, your infrastructure will be able to support high traffic, and can easily be scaled up. This allows you to grow your business and not worry about growing your sites.

Purchase flow integration

With Magnolia, you have the ability to add purchase flow integration seamlessly into your pages while still being able to author content.


Magnolia allows customers like Ticino Turismo to optimize content for multiple channels, including mobile, apps and interactive display kiosks.

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