Magnolia for retail and consumer goods

Magnolia helps top retail and consumer brands address their pain points and connect a robust CMS with their commerce system. Use Magnolia to create and deliver seamless omnichannel shopping experiences, from in-store to mobile, combining content and commerce to convert visitors into customers, or to win repeat business.


Retail and consumer brands powered by Magnolia

What you can do with Magnolia


Integrate with e-commerce tools

If you already work with existing e-commerce systems such as Hybris, Magento and commercetools, it’s easy to integrate these with Magnolia to create content that attracts customers.


Connect with other systems

Magnolia’s open architecture gives you the flexibility to integrate with CRM, ERP, PIM and other back-end systems to ensure that your entire business processes are as simple and painless as possible.


update retail offers quickly

You need to add and update your offers regularly. With Magnolia, editors can easily create new offers and collaborate on and publish them without any developer help.


Create personalized experiences

Personalization features allow you to change pages or parts of pages to target customers based on preferences or purchase history. You don’t have to create more content, but can use content better. 


guarantee high performance sites

Magnolia gives you top performance capability -- your sites are fast and reliable. So if you’re creating a high traffic marketing campaign, you can be sure your sites won’t go down at peak times.


Publish sites across countries

With Magnolia, you can reproduce core content across country sites and in different languages. It's easy to offer localized sites to reflect different products, prices and currencies.

The Max Mara Fashion Group sites use a variety of rich content which needs to be updated regularly for consumption across multiple channels. With Magnolia, editors around the world will be able to easily add and edit different forms of content in numerous languages. The ease of use and ability to reuse content with different permissions will keep the sites fresh and up-to-date.

Antonio FariniGroup CIO, Max Mara Fashion Group

Magnolia is a top choice for retail and consumer brands



Coop Alleanza 3.0, the leading grocery chain in Italy, used Magnolia to offer customers a vibrant digital multichannel experience: customers can check and compare product and service descriptions, reviews and offers online, as well as update their own profiles on digital displays in stores. As a result, Coop Alleanza has increased customer loyalty and engagement.



Switzerland’s largest retailer, supermarket chain and employer, Migros, saves over 50% on annual IT infrastructure costs with Magnolia. Automated features make it faster for editors to publish new content and manage thousands of campaign and product teasers. The site’s realigned navigation and improved search functionality make it easier for Migros customers to find goods and services.



Rossmann, one of the largest drugstore chains in Germany with an annual turnover of over 7 billion Euro, used Magnolia for its e-commerce offensive and launched the first completely responsive online drugstore in Germany. The store centers on the shopping experience and combines product presentation and relevant content.


If you need more information, I'd be happy to connect you with a Magnolia expert.

The solution that we implemented had to guarantee fast and easy content creation and management for in-store multi-touch devices in order to provide customers with e-coupons, special offers, rewards and an interface to update their personal data. Magnolia’s flexibility, adaptability and openness to integration allowed us to easily implement a specific customization of the platform, saving time and finishing the project within the challenging deadline that we had.

Michele MiragliaManager, Square Reply

More reasons to choose Magnolia

Best of breed approach

You don’t have to rely on one “do-it-all” software for your business. Instead, use specialized solutions that work well together. Magnolia’s open source code and flexible APIs enable you to integrate smoothly with almost any proprietary e-commerce system or back-end applications that you need to connect.

Fuse content and commerce

Pick and put the best bits together. Your e-commerce tool gives you great functions for product catalog, cart and checkout. But the best commerce tools won’t work if you can’t build engaging content effectively. Use Magnolia’s CMS functionality to create appealing digital experiences that take storytelling across all social channels.

Personalize better

Magnolia’s in-built personalization features are a useful tool for marketers. Component personalization lets you personalize parts of pages. With small changes, you can show relevant content to visitors in a very practical, scalable way. It becomes easier to manage personalized campaigns, seasonal promotions and special offers.

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