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Magnolia allows you to engage with citizens and enable them to carry out administrative procedures online, saving you time and money. Find out how its robust and flexible system can lead your digital transformation.



Public services powered by Magnolia

What you can do with Magnolia


Optimize digital services

Step up your digital game, engage citizens online and deliver value. Whether it’s accessing documents, or paying bills, online services can reach remote areas, reduce waiting time and lead to happier citizens.


Raise efficiency, reduce costs

Offer administrative processes electronically and reduce operating costs with Magnolia. You can opt to avoid expensive upgrades and gradually introduce new features cost-effectively as they are needed.


Open source

Magnolia’s open source code frees public service bodies from potential vendor blocks and restrictive licensing. Open source provides great flexibility and makes it easy to add code and functions, and to extend and customize.


Integrate seamlessly

Magnolia integrates smoothly with back-end applications and third-party tools. Connect anything from legacy systems and RSS feeds to sales and security tools, and digital government services.


Scale your projects

The best-of-breed approach allows governments to build their digital strategy step-by-step. Our technical team can give enterprise support to help you solve issues, fix bugs and find scalable solutions.


Keep data secure

Because you have a duty to protect your citizens’ private data, the security of your sites is important. Features like server-side form validation and cross-site script filtering help protect you against common online attacks.

Magnolia has never disappointed us nor has it ever ceased to amaze us. It has opened the doors for us towards a new marketing approach that enables us to cross- and up-sell efficiently on our portal. Magnolia has all it takes to reflect our brand identity in our online presence and allow new as well as existing customers to engage with us on the web.

Andrew BrunnerMarketing Director, Stadtwerke München (SWM)

Magnolia is a top choice for public service websites


One of England’s largest cities, Sheffield, hosts seven City Council websites. Its platform, run with Magnolia, makes it easy for council staff to engage with citizens online, deliver efficiency and value. The council won a national award for its ‘exceptional’ customer service, thanks to its rebuilt website and improved waiting times for residents.


Using Magnolia, the city of Lausanne launched myLausanne to enable both citizens and businesses to carry out administrative procedures online, thus reducing its own costs. Within two months of going live, website registrations were 25% higher than expected, reducing load on the call center for handling requests.


Stadtwerke München (SWM) is one of Germany’s biggest communal utility companies, with over one million customers and $6.1 billion in annual revenues. Magnolia allows the SWM website to be scalable, secure and accessible, to cater to its growing base of customers.


If you need more information, I'd be happy to connect you with a Magnolia expert.

We needed an open platform for integration of our various systems to provide uninterrupted and electronic access to administrative services for the inhabitants of Lausanne. The integration of our SAP systems and Alfresco was possible thanks to the open architecture of Magnolia. Support for standard authentication also enabled us to leave the management of authentication and authorization to OpenAM.

Jean-Daniel SchläppyHead of Research and Applications Division, City of Lausanne

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