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Leading media and communications companies choose Magnolia when they need to deliver the latest news and entertainment to visitors, even at peak times. With Magnolia, you can give your visitors personalized and up-to-the-minute multimedia content that will keep them coming back for more. 


Communications brands powered by Magnolia

What you can do with Magnolia


Publish quickly

With Magnolia, journalists can get news online in just minutes. They can easily create new pages, collaborate on and publish them without any developer help.


Integrate with multimedia tools

Magnolia's open architecture gives you the flexibility to integrate with other tools, from multimedia tools to CRM systems, to give your visitors access to all your video and audio output.


Deliver high performance

With high numbers of visitors, your websites need to perform well. Magnolia is built to handle high traffic without slowing down. It even supports distributing content across multiple servers to spread the load and remove bottlenecks.


Deliver seamless multi-channel content

With Magnolia, you can publish to websites, smartphones, tablets, ebooks, newsletters and other output channels from a single source.


Personalize what visitors see

Make sure that your visitors see the content they want to, based on their behaviour. With personalization, your visitors will only see relevant content, raising engagement and conversion.


Customize your sites

Because Magnolia is open source, it's easy to customize your sites to make them do exactly what you like. MBC and Al Arabiya customized their dashboards to fit their editiorial requirements and allow content to be re-used quickly.

Magnolia is a top choice for media and communications players



MBC is the largest broadcaster in the Middle East. By switching to Magnolia, MBC created an intuitive, efficient article publishing machine, allowing its 100 staff to create and update content quickly and smoothly. Find out how they did it



Al Arabiya runs the Middle East's most visited news website. It uses Magnolia to ensure security, stability and performance for its growing online audience of up to 70 million page views per month. Find out how they did it



Voetbal International, the oldest football magazine in the Netherlands, used Magnolia to publish fast, increase page views by 35%, and win close to 3,000 new users each week. Find out how they did it.

Magnolia enabled us to create a lean article publishing machine across our multiple channels, allowing us to publish and update content quickly and efficiently. Our entertainment portal has microsites for every channel and program, and now we can create them in only 10% of the time it took before. The implementation has saved us 75% in costs.

Adriaan BloemSenior Manager Online, MBC
Adriaan Bloem speaking at the 2014 Magnolia Conference

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