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Some of the world's top banks and insurance companies choose Magnolia because it allows them to offer secure online customer service and exceptional digital experiences. Find out how you can use Magnolia to attract new customers as well as retain and upsell to existing customers.


Financial service brands powered by Magnolia

What you can do with Magnolia


Provide great customer experience

Customers expect consistent and interactive online experiences, from smooth access to their account information to online chat and mortgage calculators. With Magnolia, you can offer all these services, using the same branding and style.  


Revamp your digital presence

You’ve invested heavily in your existing infrastructure. Magnolia allows you to build on that investment to bring back-office services and data conveniently to your customers online, while offering them a fresh new look and advanced functionality.


Deliver seamless multi-channel content

Your customers expect the same experience across all touchpoints. Magnolia allows you to publish the same content to multiple touchpoints, keeping desktop, mobile and even branch flatscreens in sync.


Make personalized finance offers

Serve up personalized account offers based on your customers' preferences, account information and online behaviour. This enables you not only to keep visitors on pages longer, but also to up-sell and cross-sell other financial offers. 


Keep customer data secure

You need to protect sensitive corporate and customer data. Features like server-side form validation and cross-site script filtering help protect you against common online attacks, while Magnolia’s architecture gives you even deeper protection by eliminating direct database and operating system access.​


Create forms and content quickly

Magnolia enables you to provide customers with the information they need in the format they want. You can easily re-use content and create secure and validated forms and other content without developer support. 


Magnolia is a top choice for banking and insurance websites



Generali Group, the world's third largest insurance company, has won a number of industry awards for its new site. With Magnolia, it now has a smart, responsive and engaging platform that allows it to offer visitors a seamless experience across multiple screens and devices.



VHV Versicherungen is one of Germany’s leading insurance brokers. The high usability and strong visual design of its new portal has allowed it to significantly increase the conversion rate on mobile devices as well as the number of sessions.



Alior Bank is one of the most innovative banks in Europe. Since they relaunched their site, they have increased mortgage loans by 188% and decreased their bounce rate from 30% to 10%.

We consistently focus on usability and have developed the website concept from the client’s point of view, instead of the bank’s. Magnolia lets us manage the new Migros Bank website efficiently. Content that is easy to understand and of current relevance, as well as optimization for mobile and tablet, offer the user true value and a higher quality of service.

Matthias HunnProject Lead, Migros Bank

Flexibility to launch new offers and campaigns

Create microsites and landing pages in minutes

Magnolia gives you the speed and flexibility to respond to market needs quickly. You can set up microsites and landing pages within minutes, while still maintaining consistency in style and content. Magnolia's Campaign Publisher module enables teams to keep campaign elements together and go live with a couple of clicks.

Create new sites in hours

Magnolia's Light Development modules allow your developers to build feature-rich sites in hours, giving you the freedom to respond quickly to changes in finance trends. Light development only needs front end development skills, so it's easy for you to get the resources you need. 


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