Engage your customers with relevant, personalized content

Improve your customer experience with our sophisticated personalization tools. Increase conversions by precisely targeting and delivering relevant content to your website visitors.


Why personalization?

A Harris Interactive study found that nearly 75% of online consumers get frustrated when they see website content that is unconnected with their interests. Personalization offers a solution to this, by adapting content to visitors according to their preferences, needs and behavior. With personalization, your visitors will only see relevant content, raising engagement and conversion.


Key features

  • Page variants. Create unlimited variants of the same page, targeted at different audience segments. Edit and publish these page variants in just a few clicks, even while you're on the move, using Magnolia's intuitive editing tools.
  • Traits library. Build a centralized repository of your digital audience's traits, such as age, location and gender. Then, quickly reuse these traits to create and deploy personalized campaigns and landing pages (for example, separate landing pages for visitors from different countries).
  • Explicit and implicit personalization. Explicit personalization is based on traits that visitors declare and choose themselves, while implicit personalization is based on tracking user behavior as they navigate a website. Magnolia lets you mix both approaches, maximizing the success of your content personalization strategy.
  • Built-in persona editor. Use personas to put a human face on abstract visitor information. Our built-in persona editor lets you create realistic visualizations of your audience's needs and goals, then use these visualizations to manage and segment your website visitors into groups.
  • Preview tools. Simulate any persona or audience segment to verify the success of your personalization strategy. Our built-in preview tools let you see exactly what your visitors will, and identify any errors before they go live.
  • Component personalization. To personalize a single page with variants of a component, see the component personalization feature.


Benefits for businesses

​Increase conversions and sales with relevant, tailored communication. Build brand loyalty and engagement by leveraging customer data to intelligently improve the customer experience. Rapidly implement new engagement-based marketing strategies across channels without IT involvement.

Benefits for developers

Create custom traits by connecting data from multiple sources, including third-party web analytics and engagement services. Easily add new features (or extend existing ones) with an Apps-driven integration approach. Leverage Magnolia’s UX framework to deliver solutions that work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop.

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