Óscar Riolobos' Interview
Web Business Manager, Air Europa

Óscar Riolobos

1. At Magnolia Amplify 2019 you will present Air Europa’s digital transformation. Could you give us a preview of what your talk will include?

At Air Europa we are in the midst of our digital transformation of the Ecommerce platform at all levels, including changes of our Booking Engine, invoicing system, payment platform, site architecture, and integration of personalization and content generation tools. I will show how this transformation will begin to materialize in the coming moths in the different channels and products, including Web, Apps, and digital touch points and how Magnolia will be a key part of such transformation.  


2. What role has Magnolia and atSistemas played in the digital transformation of Air Europa?

One of our principal requirements for our new platform was to implement a CMS that was scalable, flexible, and easy to use to manage all the content of all channels in a centralized manner and Magnolia has been key for these requirements and one of the first pieces to be implemented. At atSistemas we have found the agility and support that we needed to implement these changes, working with them as if they were part of the Air Europa team.


3. In your experience at Air Europa, what elements would you highlight as key for a successful digital transformation?

Given the dependencies between all the different pieces, in our case the alignment between all of them is key, as it is necessary to synchronise all the different movements that we are making in different areas for them to come together at the right time and therefore get to the end customer.


4. If you could only tell 2 things to the participants of the event, what would you tell them?

How LiveCopy will help us improve the management of a multi-market, multi-language tool in the future and the easiness that it gives to create content APPs that are already helping us speed up multiple projects, from an easy campaign management to support for content in non-traditional channels.


5. Lastly, please tells us a little bit about you and Air Europa.

I joined Air Europa 4 years ago, being responsible for the business of the web area, which had recently launched the current platform. However, I had been working at Globalia for 10 years in other areas. In this time at Air Europa, we have worked in expanding the Ecommerce team, improving the platform and the customer experience, doubling the share that digital channels represent in the company’s total sales. Right now we are ready to make a big jump, primarily qualitative, where Magnolia is being a key part of the change.