Chema Piedrafita's Interview
Online Marketing Director, Prosegur

Chema Piedrafita

1. At Magnolia Amplify 2019 you will present how is your approach to Digital Marketing at Prosegur. What can you tell us about what you are going to present at the event?

We are going to talk mainly about the synergies between three actions: On the one hand, the digital marketing campaigns that we use to capture qualified traffic (mainly SEM, SEO, Display, and Social Ads) continuing with the use of a robust CMS that allows agility, and finally the actions of UX and CRO that we implement for marketing actions.

2. What role has Magnolia played in Prosegur's digital marketing? How do you combine it with other tools you use?

Magnolia has a very important role, since allows us to be agile, flexible and also to have a robustness that allows us to “sleep peacefully”. In our case it is well combined with the tools we use for digital marketing, such as: AB Tasty, Eloqua, Google Marketing Platform, etc.

3.  In your experience at Prosegur, what elements would you highlight as key for a successful Digital Marketing?

The domain and the correct measurement of paid media actions, a clear organic positioning and giving the importance that it deserves to UX, CRO and web analytics. All this must be combined with personalization and correct use of the data (Although in our case it is not as important as in other sectors)

4.  If you could only tell 2 things to the participants of the event, what would you tell them?

"You can not take your guests to a house without sweeping", that is, in order to succeed in digital marketing actions in very competitive sectors and with very high CPCs, you have to work hard on landing pages, both at the design level, as well as conversion. Test, test, test y test… never stop, even if you reach your goals you can always improve your web pages, create other landings, add quality content. The optimization must be constant, without haste but without pause.

5. Lastly, please tells us a little bit about you and Prosegur.

I am Chema Piedrafita, for three years I have been working as Online Marketing Director at Prosegur Alarmas, I have developed my professional career at the insurance comparator, and also in digital marketing agencies such as T2O Media and Iprospect. I combine my day to day at Prosegur with the teaching of digital marketing in different Universities and Business Schools. Also I published a SEO and SEM book. Prosegur is a security company, leader in Spain for more than 30 years, and the third worldwide Security company. We have services such as Security, Cybersecurity, Cash Management or Alarms and we have a constant innovation approach. We are in the process of digital transformation and we have more than 170,000 employees in different markets.