David Caviedes Márquez's Interview
Technical Leader in the expert center of CSP (Content Solutions Platforms), atSistemas

David Caviedes Márquez

1. At Magnolia Amplify 2019 you will present together with Applus the digital transformation that you have helped them to carry out and in which Magnolia has played a leading role. What can you tell us about what you are going to present in the event? How does it fit with this year's theme: Magnolia 006: License to innovate?

The flexibility of Magnolia together with good practices in the use of the most current technologies and working methodologies is one of the key factors. This tandem allows us to innovate in large-scale projects and in a way in which technological migrations are carried out (often required in large enterprise environments). In this way, we achieve a transparent result for business users. Users do not see their initiatives interrupted, except to provide them with greater functionality and value, reducing their friction, their learning curve and their resistance to change in the use of content management systems and portals. Also, it is worth mentioning the technological innovation provided, where we highlight aspects such as integration with search engines that give greater efficiency to the performance of the web, or automatisms in the migration processes and SEO policies applied in the different sites.

2. You have also participated in the previous editions of Magnolia Amplify. What would you tell about the event to those who are thinking of attending this year?

After participating in several editions, we can say firmly that you can see in first hand the great evolution that Magnolia has achieved in these years. Proof of this are the numerous success stories, and the satisfaction and positive impact on clients of real projects. Of course, we believe that this event is an ideal forum for people or companies that are thinking about implementing a CMS in their ecosystem and / or that are thinking about improving their autonomy and business capabilities.

3.  You have addressed numerous projects in which the CMS has been a key piece; In your experience, what factors are usually the most relevant to opt for a specific CMS? Do you see that these factors differ according to the sector?

As main factors we would like to highlight the ease of use / learning curve that Magnolia provides, the number and relevance of out-of-box functionalities or the average implementation time that helps improve the time-to-market (it is of little use product if commissioning requires too much time). On the other hand, we would also highlight the ability to integrate with third-party systems, the orientation to the end user (especially business and marketing), the design of its open architecture and maturity as a product to deal with large-scale projects with guarantees.

4. You are Magnolia Platinum Partner, what does this mean for you?

At atSystems, we value being a Magnolia Platinum partner. It provides us with a close relationship with the different departments of Magnolia, from Marketing, business development, sales, support and consulting, to the product development itself. It also gives us the possibility to access and influence the product roadmap thanks to relevant data and our experiences in customers and markets to which the partners have access. And also, we benefit from advantageous conditions for sponsoring events and co-marketing funds, as well as specific training oriented to our casuistry as Magnolia's first partner in Spain, which allows us to maintain levels of excellence and follow growing in number of certificates in technology.

5. What the 3 aspects you value most of Magnolia, not only as a product but as a company? What 3 aspects would you like to improve?

 Regarding the 3 most valued aspects we would highlight:

  • Flexibility.
  • Closeness with the client.
  • Technical support.

And 3 aspects to improve would be:

  • Dynamization of the open-source community (developers) around the product.
  • Enhancement of the Magnolia Marketplace to gain new features that allow Compete in more scenarios.
  • Growth in the number of connector-packs to expand the integration capabilities of Magnolia with other systems.

6. Lastly, please tells us a little bit about you, atSistemas and your experiencie with Magnolia.

My name is David Caviedes Márquez. I started my career in atSistemas in 2012, a company in continuous growth and with very good ideas and vision of the future. Step by step I was professionalizing my knowledge until entering the world of content managers, betting on Magnolia and obtaining the first certification in Spain. Currently developing the role of Technical Leader specialized in Magnolia and coordinating a team of expert developers in Magnolia concerning technical level in Spain, encompassed in a company such as atSystems that already has more than 1300 employees and fosters responsible growth that in 2018 It was more than 27% compared to the previous year.