How to accelerate the performance of digital transformation in your organization

13:25 - 13:50 PM | 03.10.2019

Keynote Speaker: Lluís Altés, Director at DES and Digital Expert.

We have been talking about digital transformation for years; and the opportunities and threats it represents for all types of organizations. If people are disintermediating this sector, creating modern monopolies, if companies do not transform you are dead, that if you take advantage of the value of the information you can create new business models that will make you resistant to the future ... The reality is that around the world we already have many examples of companies that have been successfully transformed and have increased their social and economic profitability.

In this presentation, Altés will talk about the Law of digital transformation and the 3 fundamental gears so when it is launched it will have a real impact on our organization. These three basic parts of the digital transformation engine are:

People: Employees, Clients and Digital Leadership
Digital trust: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Ethics.
Benefits: Economic, Social and Competitiveness.

During the presentation we will have the opportunity to talk about real cases to show with facts that transforming has a real impact.