Women in Digital Switzerland - Learn To Be Your Best Offline-self, Online

We often underestimate how our personal presence can have an impact on business opportunities. This month, Stephanie Booth will talk about what it really takes to create an authentic online presence that brings results.  

She’ll share with us her insights on how being authentic makes your online presence more efficient and less “work”, how online and offline networking complement each other, and how relationships and visibility function online. While creating self-promotional content is important, it’s just as important for that content to be shared by an engaged network. Nowadays, your online presence is key to maintaining, strengthening, and expanding your network.   

About the meetups 

Women in Digital Basel is part of Women in Digital Switzerland. Our group meets up on the first Tuesday of each month. We usually have a short talk, followed by a lively discussion and apero. The event is free, but attendees should sign up, and often bring snacks along.

This is a "for the community by the community" style meetup. Our goal is to create a place where we can network and share knowledge. We are all experts in something! 

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