The importance of good API’s continue to grow with the rise of frontend apps and microservice architectures, a full “application” is often comprised of many different systems which need to communicate well together.

I’m happy to announce that Johannes Müller will give a presentation on this topic at our next meetup based on practial experience in midsized & enterprise companies in the last 5 years - including the following topics:

1) Overview of REST landscape

2) Patterns met in enterprise environments

3) Problems faced with huge JSON application configurations

4) Approaches to solve JSON configuration problems - with focus on highly generic SPAs

5) Where do standards and back-/frontend teams start to diverge?

6) OData, GraphQL, PostgREST and approaches to develop standards


Johannes has been a freelance developer in Munich, Hannover and Vienna since getting his B. Sc. Computer Science 2011 in Munich. He is new to the Basel area and looks forwards to connecting with the local scene. He’s interested in blue ocean sailing, international politics, guitars, network protocols & open source technologies. And: “Trying to become a fullstack developer one day in the distant future” :D

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