Stronger together – using domain-driven design (DDD), CQRS, and wolkenkit

June 12 - 12, 2018 from 19:00 CET
Magnolia International Ltd., Oslo-Strasse 2, 4142 Münchenstein
Agenda: * Kick things off at 7pm with the first half of the talk. * Intermission for snacks, beer and soda. * On with the show - part 2. * Time to just hang out. * Go home.

his is a special, never-been-tried-before tag-team-meetup with the Basel .NET user group. Jürgen Gutsch reached out to ask, if we’d be interested in co-hosting Golo Roden as a speaker in Basel. Answer=Yes! On this evening we’ll dive into DDD by way of CQRS and event-sourcing.

What’s that? I found the bestest short answer here
“CQRS stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation, what it means is that you separate your reads from your writes. You don't have to use event sourcing to do so, but it is a good fit.
Event sourcing is the act of storing state changes as events instead of the actual state, and then use those events to rebuild the state when you need it.”

Our talk:

For the development of complex software an interdisciplinary team is required. Unfortunately, we have never learned to communicate across disciplines. This makes it difficult for domain experts, developers and designers to understand each other – which is ultimately reflected in the software that solves the wrong problem, arrives on the market too late and whose quality is not right. Domain-driven design (DDD) focuses on the development of a common language and promises to improve interdisciplinary communication. But how does DDD work? Golo Roden introduces you to the concept and show how to implement the result in in JavaScript using wolkenkit, an open-source framework that complements DDD perfectly.

Our presenter for the evening:

Golo Roden ( is the founder and CTO of the native web GmbH (, a company focused on web and cloud technologies. He favors JavaScript and Node.js for developing web applications, and he has written the first book in German language on this topic:„Node.js & Co.“. Additionally, he works as an author for various IT magazines, and as a speaker and content manager for several conferences. For his high-quality engagement in the community he was given the Microsoft MVP award four times.